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by Saweini S. Laloo
(Shillong, India)

Amidst the suffocating swamp of deep dark forests
Where shadows varied peep through the shades
Light green and dark and a hundred more
This humid, stifling, dense space.

Silence? Yet noises and echoing sounds.
Hunters, hunted and the dead.
Round curious lights from between blinds,
Long curtains of green forming their lines.

Walls and walls, but there in the distance,
Silent among stones and leaves,
There, drooping slightly,
Was a curious case of brown, yellow and black.

Around it, a glow bug hesitatingly hovers,
Deliberating if perhaps it could land.
When all seems safe and quiet at last,
Its feet upon the velvet surface touch.

The surface all at once is bright,
Mesmerising, serene and full of light.
Like a candle in the night.

The breeze rustles in and out it goes,
The light that once was there is now no more.
Darkness once more fill the deep expanse,
Then silence and sound again.


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