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Nilaveli Beach Resort, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

by Sudha Chandrasekaran
(Coimbatore, India)

The Ultimate Getaway, the Nilaveli Beach Resort, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s equivalent of the Maldives, with never-ending white sandy beaches, coral islands and shimmering blue seas, the North East coast of Sri Lanka is distinctly different from the coastal areas of the rest of the island. The enticing and tranquil Nilaveli Beach Resort in the Nilaveli region of Trincomalee, more fondly known as ‘Trinco’, is situated on the eastern shores of Sri Lanka. Set in 12 acres of tropical tree canopy, along the bronzed sands of the pristine beach of Nilaveli, the resort is at a distance 264 kilometres from Colombo. The Nilaveli Beach, one of the finest un-spoilt beaches in Asia with white sands and clear blue seas is “the other side of the island”, one that remains pristine, pure and very private even today, making you feel you were the first to discover it.

Nilaveli Beach Resort, the great hideout, away from your busy life, is less than 50 metres from the Nilaveli beach and offers a calm and serene atmosphere and all the facilities required to enjoy a memorable stay. The East Coast beaches, the scenery, the sea, and the cultural attractions- these are all fascinatingly different and totally unforgettable. The impressively long Nilaveli Beach certainly has the feeling of paradise-island remoteness, with plenty of bending palms swaying over the golden sands. These knee-deep shallow seas have the gentlest waves ideal for sunbathing and wading.

The enchanting Indian Ocean that continuously washes the shores of this mesmerizing resort embraces a treasure basket of dreams which just waits to be opened. Nestled in the heart of Nilaveli Beach front, Nilaveli Beach Hotel is an ideal spot from which to discover Trinco. For sightseeing options and local attractions, one need not look far as the resort enjoys close proximity to Trincomalee War Cemetery, Nilaveli Beach, Pigeon Island National Park, Trincomalee Harbour, Koneswaram Temple and Fort Frederick. This Beach Hotel overlooks the Pigeon Island National Marine Park, originally used by the British for target practice but now a breeding ground for migratory birds. It lies two kilometres off the coast of Nilaveli Beach and is great for diving, snorkelling and sea bathing.

Nilaveli Beach Hotel has been accredited with the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence award in June 2013 for the second consecutive year. This resort was badly hit by Tsunami in 2007 and we heard the hotel staff talking several stories about it. It brought tears to our eyes.

This resort hotel offers comfortable four-star accommodation and facilities on its own stretch of the long Nilaveli beach. Service is comprehensive and friendly.

Nilaveli Private Boat Service:
Staff at the special travel counter would help you arrange boat excursions, diving expeditions, fishing trips and also sightseeing of various other places. Or if you so desire, you can just go around the town and have a look at the wonders, which the town has to offer. An ideal location for snorkelling excursions, Pigeon Island is located a few hundred meters offshore from the Nilaveli Beach. Snorkelling is a must and if you have not tried it before, then there is no better place to begin than here. The most popular spot is a short 10-minute boat ride from the resort, but its most recent designation as National park, has made it a little commercial and requires a ticket purchase. It still is one of the best places to snorkel, as a small island surrounded by coral gardens teaming with tropical fish. Once your head is below the surface and the new world opens up before your eyes,
you realize that it’s more than worth the price of admission, as angel fish and massive parrot fish welcome you. Keep in mind that it is always better to do this in the morning hours to avoid that intense tropical midday sun. It is a breeding ground for rock pigeons with rock pools and paths running through thickets. There is this appealing scuba diving between May and September off Pigeon Island’s coast, with good chances of seeing manta rays. If you enjoy the close proximity of marine life and coral, found in abundance here, you could hire the equipment you need for such an expedition from the PADI Centre located near the Nilaveli Beach Hotel.
The local boatmen’s association has set prices for the Pigeon Island trip, which means that you need not worry about haggling. You will find captains at the beach by the ticket office and they help arrange for rentals of snorkel-gears. Services are also available for fishing and whale-watching trips. You can also enjoy a multitude of water sports including surfing and diving besides snorkelling. Enjoy the Whale watching excursions with opportunities to see the largest mammal in the world, the blue whale.

During the day you could alternate between the sea, the beach and the wonderful pool. There is this lovely shady area under the trees between the hotel and the beach where there are some hammocks, which put you to sleep as you swing in them. The resort provides an ambience and simplicity in a stunning natural setting. The Nilaveli Beach Hotel is a bit of national park in itself with langurs, squirrels and even the odd peahen, jostling for space outside the room doors that open up to the sand and private hammocks.

Offering a variety of facilities and services, the hotel combines warm hospitality with a lovely ambiance to make your stay in Trincomalee unforgettable. The architecture is organic and streamlined, with a creative use of fountains and concrete and a harmonious balance of contemporary and earthy.

How to reach Nilaveli: Travel to Nilaveli by road, railway or air from Colombo. The distance of 264 kilometers from Colombo is covered in six to seven hours by road. From Trincomalee town, many auto rickshaws (tuk tuks) are available to reach your destination. Local tour operator services help in arranging any form of transport and there are bus and train services available from Colombo to Trincomalee as well. Sri Lanka’s aviation services have also introduced domestic flights for the convenience of tourists to this beautiful place.

Best time to visit Trinco is during the season which starts from April and continues till October.

Make sure to take plenty of sun bloc, travel medication, and snorkelling gear (if possible) when you travel to Trinco. Average temperatures there range from around 25 degrees Celsius in January to approximately 30 degrees Celsius during the warmest months of the year.

This resort aims to provide true Sri Lankan hospitality to all those who enter its doors. To enhance the feel of home and comfort are the professional and friendly staff who will do their utmost to make their guests stay the best possible experience .Wake up at dawn and sit by your wide glass window as you wait for the world to awaken and be washed by the soft gold of the sunrise. Or you could step out on to your patio and relax while you watch the sand; sea and sky emerge from the darkness of night in to the brightness of a new day. This resort is undoubtedly the place to unwind and relax.

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