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Nothing Makes me Happier

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

Nothing makes me happier than to see you sleep,
And Laughing at your funny snore sounding so deep,
Watching you shed your load by my side,
Seeing you forget a busy day's ride.

Nothing makes me happier than to make your lunch,
To get you roses all white in a bunch,
To hold the door for you when you return home,
To watch you search facts on Chrome,

Nothing makes me happier than being your wife,
To know in responsible hands I have my life,
To not being pampered because you know I won't leave,
To not being gifted on our anniversary's Eve,

My happiness is nothing of those flowers and roses,
Nothing to do with selfies and poses,
I don't mind not being asked if I had food,
It doesn't make you less a man it doesn't make you rude,

Nothing makes me happier than just being around,
In watching you play soccer in the ground,
In sitting with you silently forever,
In not getting compliments or walking by the river.

Nothing makes me happier than
Knowing we often fight,
But pacify with love by the night,
That my love is eternally yours
My soul my heart all it secures.

Nothing makes me happier than knowing you are such a bore,
Still watching you sleep by my side and deeply snore..


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