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Office Street

by Neha Hooda
(Rohtak, India)

My office building is situated in Second Street of Sector 3 of Rewari district, Haryana. Our office location in this street is obscured to people. And who had ever visited the office, they reached it after a half-hour enquiry to neighbors, tea-shop owners etc. And the reason for this lack of an identifying “SPRING” board in front of the office (the name of the NGO), is the illegality of holding office space in a residential area as per the directives of Indian law. But still we are working and conducting our research with fake documents in this lesser known street.

There is a landmark vacant plot which has an area of equal to 5 building fronts in this street on the left side. In other words, this street is sharing space with 5 houses on the right side while the other side is vacant. When we enter into this street, one iron placard of a tax consultant and a placard of a school welcomes us which is then accompanied by trees. And this giant plot is shelter to the strayed cows and their families who graze on its green carpet of grass to satisfy their basic need of hunger. This place is further groomed by garbage which is thrown by the nearby residents. And this intelligent task of vacancy of their dustbins is still in practice even though it has known dire consequences, particularly in the rainy season. This plot is further shared in only one boundary with a banquet hall, named “Ganeshi Lal Dharmshala” which lets it dance in wedding time by tuning songs.

Now we will move to the occupied space of the street, that is five buildings and our office is shared between adjacent houses. In one of the house (with which left wall is being shared), a joint family with 3 kids is residing. Kids
are using this street for playing in the evening. And one of the kids is very naughty and asked for a dance with the grandmother who was standing there to oversee them. I got the chance to observe that moment when we were sharing tea with colleagues outside of the office. We all chuckled on that request which later on was declined by her old grandmother. While in second adjacent neighbor (with which right wall is common), an elderly couple is living. They used to arrange water for strayed bovine animals. And many a times, they provide food also. And they had constructed a pot type structure for providing water and food to these four legged animals. So I admired these zoophiles.

And besides these man-made concrete buildings, there is a concrete road which primarily constitutes a “street” which is bearing all the vehicles and animals and the most civilized animal of earth is bearing it. This non- living street is having a time of merriment when the school goers wait for their transportation vehicle and bide their time by exchanging conversation and the scene of enjoyment is repeated in reverse when they come back from their learning institution. Otherwise, the road is left to the women who are wont to gather at one point of time for exchanging their chats. I think that could be boring to this dead street to watch the old ladies during their conversations. But something is better than nothing because it is left to gaze at the sky when these ladies disappear. But the area is barren and deserted most of the time which keeps it clean and prevents its dilapidation from being the cause of bloody injuries, on the positive side. Everything has two aspects and I think this office street is enjoying the personal loneliness and ephemeral active time of both.

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Apr 05, 2017
Articulative, Humorous
by: Suresh Babu

Absolutely a great start, Ms. Neha.

Its rare to see Indian story writers exhibit their ability to make the readers visualize the scene, situation, from their descriptions.

I can tell you, you possess that ability and you are one of the rare writers, who can write better.

Secondly, adding humour is yet another interesting aspect in your writing.

I am looking forward to reading more from you.

My best wishes.
God be with you, always.

Mar 15, 2017
by: Pradeep Dhillon

Really a great start and head on fight with slumber and lazy approach which are generally confronted by novice writers. Stupendous task of narrating one's own office as place without signboard, all requires aa lion heart. Really a description of many things with few words. Best wishes for next venture.

Mar 13, 2017
Best story
by: Aarju Mann

This is the best description I have ever read. I want to read it again and again. The description of the couple who look after animals was very good, in fact excellent. I want to read such more descriptions. Excellent job.

Mar 13, 2017
Interesting one
by: Paramjeet

I got facinated by the way you describe the street as a story.

I would love to read more such stories.

Mar 13, 2017
Lovely story
by: Rohit

I love your story and I really love the description of the vacant plot.
Good job.

Feb 26, 2017
tutor's comment
by: paul

Good achievement Neha, your first published work. I like the accuracy of the description of the 'intelligent' use of the vacant dustbins. Cultivate this accuracy of observation.

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