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On Marine Drive

by Debangana Mishra

Dazzling lights upon the Queen’s Necklace,
Like a fine string of celestial diamonds.
It is close to midnight and the crowd
Start fading away. Perhaps they have waited too long.
Few remain to see the sea come alive.

As the darkness of the night descends,
Like a velvet, regal cloak,
The waves slowly turn braver
And beckon the cool winds. Sometimes
With the cool breath of the sea comes
The gift of showers,

The waves come splashing,
Dancing up to the rocks. The waves
return to the sea, only to
Tease the patient rocks
With their playful hasty hugs. The waves
Continue their play as they rush toward
The rocks that remain waiting for the waves

I too wait here,
For you.
Like the rocks do for the waves.
But as all play must end,
So must the waves’ and they
Return to the sea.

But what of me? Am I
stronger than the rocks
upon whom the waves
Have left their marks? I too
Wait for you like the
Rocks do for the waves. The waves
are kinder than you,
Dear Sleep.

I shall wait for you some more
To come embrace me
With your arms wrapped around me.


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