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by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

Paint me blue and white
I am the seed of light

I am a wind that's wild
I am an orphaned child

They left me nothing to choose
I will never have anything to lose

There are others like me and we are close
We are all the petals of the same rose

Abadoned by all I am a star
I have my Earth my galaxy may be far

They say I cried but now I don't
I will never leave, betray I won't

One of the nights they left me alone
Hungry and helpless I was on my own

God has those who have none
He held my hand and took me to the Nun

I was made to sleep and eat and play
There were smiles and chuckles and toys of clay

I live there now that is my home
I miss no one that now I am grown

I didn't leave the place even when I could
This heaven on Earth amid the wood

We are all alike we are all the same
The Orphaned kids of God's fame

Every day there is someone new
Who is brought to Nun by the crew

I love to tell them how to be brave
I tell them never be anyone's slave

In a huge big family we all do live
But my parents will I never forgive

Whatever be the reason they should have stayed
They shouldn't have abandoned they shouldn't have betrayed

But looking back hurts looking back aches
I look ahead to my future stakes

There are many like me I need to meet
Teach them all I have learnt and not leave them on the street

God held me and stayed and left me alone
He loved an orphan gave him a home

He made me a precious seed of light
He painted my world blue and white

He made me strong he made me wild
I am God's son I am an orphaned child.

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Dec 23, 2020
by: Nandita

Beautifully written

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