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Overcome Awkward Situation

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)

Vasu was upset the whole day due to an unexpected incident happened. He was very much disappointed for the development taken place on that particular day. He was unable to come out of the situation.

He had gone to Bangalore One in the morning, to make payment of his telephone bill. Since the bill amount was exceeding rupees one thousand he was under the impression that the same should be paid in cheque. He was ready with the cheque and the concerned department bill. On that day, there was a rush of people as it was the last date of making payment.

Unfortunately, only two counters were opened, and the other three counters were vacant. Probably the staff may be on leave. Vasu had no other option except to wait till his turn.

Finally, he got the chance to present his cheque after fifteen minutes. The lady, who was on the counter, appeared to have lost her patience due to pressure of work load. She examined his cheque with the bill and became annoyed.

“Sir, before submitting the cheque, you should check the instrument thoroughly. The amount in words written is illegible. By appearance, you look like an educated person. You know, I am already in tension with the heavy work load. Is it possible for me to examine each cheque received from the customer? If I accept it ignoring the defect, you know in the evening my boss will ask me for an explanation for not verifying the cheque. I will not accept this cheque. Take back this cheque and allow other person to come in.”
She returned it without waiting for Vasu’s reply.

“Madam, if you think the words written are illegible, I will strike it and write afresh with my authentication. Or else, I will issue another cheque,” said Vasu.

The person next to Vasu interfered and said, “Why do you make inconvenience to others? You might be aware of the Reserve Bank of India instructions for issuing cheques written in words or figures illegibly. Why all such unnecessary arguments? If you're going to waste time in argument, the others will suffer. Everybody is in a hurry to go back. Please take back your cheque and allow me to pay my bill.”

Another person in the queue, appeared to be jolly, said, “Writing illegible words is allowed only for doctors. While giving prescription, the doctor would write the name of the tablet or capsule in whatever manner he liked. The Pharmacist being an expert read it correctly. Here madam on the counter is not a pharmacist.”

Everybody laughed with his joke.

“If a pharmacist gave a wrong medicine, the patient has to suffer and not the doctor,” said another person.

Vasu became very much upset because he being a bank official with thirty plus years of service in the bank explaining the customers about the proper form of writing cheques.

“Sir, I don’t want to make inconvenience to others. Writing the words afresh will take just a minute. Please allow me to complete,” said Vasu.

The madam on the counter told Vasu to issue another cheque and go back in the queue. Vasu failed to convince the lady. He left with no choice, except to go back.

He took another cheque and filled it up neatly. By the time he reached to the counter, it was a delay of thirty minutes. He realized making hurry will not help and commit mistake. But he thought of being quick is okay. He remembered the quote of John Wooden, "When you hurry you're more apt to make mistakes. But you have to be quick. If you're not quick you can't get things done."


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Apr 04, 2014
Right Course of Action
by: Annonymous

Vasu had no options before him to argue in his favour. In such a situation, Vasu took right decision to go back and present a fresh cheque.

Apr 10, 2014
Loosing Patience
by: Annonymous

The attitude of the lady on the counter is not good. Irrespective of the magnitude of the work, one must have patience. Loosing patience is an act of coward. Vasu's request is quite genuine. Others in the queue raised objection for delay is correct. Their jokes may be to create good atmosphere.

Apr 25, 2014
by: Annonymous

Awkward situation would have been avoided if the lady at the counter acted with little patience. Nobody objected to her, if one minute spared for changing the words with authentication or issuing a fresh cheque.

Apr 16, 2015
Memorable incident
by: Vaman

Such situations are common. There is no issue like insult or inconvenience. Vasu should have been careful before presenting the cheque at the counter. The other customers, who were present on that day expressed their views on the incident. If one customer was of the opinion that one must follow rules. Another customer was jolly to cut a joke. The incident was memorable for Vasu.

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