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Papa, Please Help Me to Sleep - contd

by Nirmal Kishor Prasad
(New Delhi, India)

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A girl after marriage leaves her papa’s niche where she was grown up amidst love and affection. This is the place where, for many years, she had demanded Barbie dolls to her papa, dresses to mamma and had fight with bhaiya where despite of her fault bhaiya had to face the anger of papa! Her all demands were fulfilled without a second thought. They had only showered love and affection to her; in turn she had been a bridge of love to all. She had been in the life and habit of all. From childhood to adulthood at papa’s niche, she has so much of sweet memories that they can revitalize her rest of life!

But, life is not all about her happy sweet memories; married life of a girl - altogether a new birth, is full of experiences which are sweet as well as sour, entirely different than the sweet memories of her childhood upbringings. The new phases of her life are pleasurable, painful and surprising to her.

With passage of time, changes are inevitable and come in everyone’ life. Aberrations in new phases move her to flashback of those sweet memories of upbringings once again where papa, mamma and bhaiya had spent sleepless nights for her and shared all her anxieties. She compares present with past and differences make her cry. She can’t escape from present and move to the past by reversing her life back to old days. A state of stalemate! At this very moment, she feels as if she is alone in this world, papa has left her alone in an unknown place and no one is there to solace her. Is she lost in the struggle of her life?

Is Anya had such hidden apprehension for the future? Was that dreadful dream of Anya a reflection of worry in disguise towards the uncertain future?

My mind was struggling hard with many such conflicting thoughts to divulge the secret of Anya’s terrible dream, a dream which strained her to cry, left her alone and culminated to a feeling as if she is lost in the struggle of life!

I was trying to conclude something concrete on - how to strengthen her mind, inculcate confidence for future and make her cheerful? But unable to infer!

It was then 5.30 AM. Anya turned to right where her innocent face becoming conspicuous with calm rays of morning light.

All of a sudden, I observed there was a change outside; the night’s darkness was fading away slowly giving space to the morning light. Fresh air filled the ambiance with mesmerizing fragrance of Mogra flowers, there were beautiful jingles from birds’ noises, and I heard a holy chant from a distance - all were signalling that a bright dawn has to come after every intense dark night!


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