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Paying Off the Debt

by Ten Surf
(Bangalore, Karnataka)

Kevin was all alone in his lavish 3 story mansion. When he got up in the morning, he just stared all the empty walls around him. As usual he got out of his bed and reached his bathroom. He got stunned to see somebody else there. Raj is the only person, who takes care of the mansion. But he will not be there when Kevin is home. So it must not be Raj.

To Kevin’s surprise somebody was there behind the bathroom door. All the horrific experiences from his past came rushing into Kevin’s mind. With all the courage he just opened the door, to find out it’s just the bathrobe he used to wear.

The morning light gazed in throughout the mansion, as Kevin hurried down to his garage to ride in his luxurious car. It was a bit early start to him, since he usually starts an hour late. Even though he was riding really fast leaving all the other cars behind, he couldn’t leave his thoughts behind. His emotions were in a roller coaster.

He entered the hall with his heart beating faster and when he saw the person he wants to see, it was just heart breaking to him. He sat near her and touched her head and saw tears rolling down from her eyes.

Coming out of the mental institution, he drove straight away to a cemetery. He placed the flowers in front of a person’s grave and mourned for a bit. Reaching his office, he parked the car in his personal space and went to his seat, where the Manager came to offer his condolences.

“Hey dear, how are you? I haven’t heard a word from you since yesterday morning. Are you okay?” asked Jenny, who called him in his mobile phone. Jenny is a family friend to Kevin’s family since his childhood. Recently Kevin proposed to Jenny.

“No I’m fine, I will meet you tonight”, replied Kevin.

“I know why you’ve been sad, but please try to move on. Please…”, Jenny literally begged Kevin.

“Okay, okay. I have some work to do. I will call you later”, said Kevin disconnecting the call abruptly. Jenny was the one interested in Kevin. She wondered whether Kevin loves her or not and if not why he proposed her.

Later in the evening Raj called and told Kevin that, Dr.Greg is here to see him. Kevin was in a meeting by then, but as soon as he got the call he flew to his house. By the time Kevin started from his office, Jenny went to see him. But he didn’t even notice Jenny and walked past her. Jenny also went to Kevin’s home, after hearing from his Secretary that he got a call from his house.

She wondered “who is that person that he wants to see in the midst of the day, that too in his house”. She followed him curiously to his house. She saw Kevin entering the house in distress, so she left her car outside and tried to enter the mansion.

Slowly she walked towards the house and saw two persons in the living room, from outside. Obviously one person is Kevin and she was shocked to see the other one. It was her father Greg, who according to her is busy now with a surgery in his hospital.

“Why did you come here?”, asked Kevin with a scary tone.

“Don’t you know?”, Greg replied. “I was in the middle of something.
You would’ve called me and asked me to set up a meeting. This is too sudden”, Kevin shouted.

“Oh, should I? I think you are the one who told me not to call you under any circumstances”, Greg replied.

“Okay, okay. Let’s cut to the chase. What do you want now?”, Kevin urged Greg.

“Me? What I want? Are you kidding me right now? Aren’t you forgetting something? Okay, I’ll explain everything again. It’s been a year now Kevin, we should do what we planned”, Greg ordered him.

“Have you gone insane? The situation is not good right now. I can’t possibly do that”, Kevin stopped him.

“Okay then, tell me when is the right time to do it? I know who you are Kevin, I just wanted you to remember that the police station is just streets away. I could just make a single phone call and your life will be upside down”, said Greg in a threatening way.

“Please don’t mistake me. I was just explaining you the current situation. Please wait for another month, I’ll make everything happen or else you can do whatever you want”, pleaded Kevin.

Jenny was clueless. She was totally blind about the current situation.”Why the hell my dad talked to Kevin this way? What is going on between them? I must find out. This should not be left unnoticed”, she decided.

Later that night when Kevin met Jenny in a restaurant, she didn’t know how to react. She decided to be normal in front of him and not ask him anything. But Jenny convinced him that he should spend the night with her, since he seems so tiring.

The next morning Kevin woke up alone to hear somebody screaming. He came down and to his surprise, its Greg. He started yelling at Kevin saying,

“You murderer! Do you think, that I will not expose you? Do you think that I will not call the police and tell that you killed your father? I will do that immediately. I don’t give a damn about the partnership in your Company. I will definitely tell on you and I will search another rich guy for my daughter.”

“What happened? Why are you shouting like this”, Kevin stopped Greg. Greg replied, “Oh do you think I am a fool. You sent a message to me saying that ‘do whatever you want, I am not going to make you a partner or marry your daughter’. I got this message yesterday night”.

“I sent it, to get the truth out”, replied a voice behind them. Yes, it’s Jenny. She recorded everything and stared at them. Greg then told everything to his daughter that, how Kevin killed his father, since his father was planning to give all his property to charity and leave Kevin penniless because he was reckless and didn’t obey his father. The most shocking thing to Jenny was what they did to his mom.

On the night of the murder, Kevin’s mom saw what happened. Co-incidentally Greg was there too. So Kevin told Greg to make his mom sick and place her in a mental institution. He also told Greg that, he will make him as a partner in his Company and marry Jenny in return, if he doesn’t tell anything to the Police. Greg agreed.

Jenny turned them in to the Police. Kevin and Greg served in prison, while Jenny left Kevin’s property to charity, like his father’s wish and took Kevin’s mom under her care.

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Jul 21, 2016
by: Kalsang

Can anyone get me the contact of this writer.

Thank you.

Please use the Contact form to reach us, and mention your purpose of contacting this author. That message will be forwarded to the writer.

- Admin

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