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Pen-friends for Life

by Shruti Ramjee
(Chennai, India)

To my dear pen-friend, whom I've never met..
You are someone I thought I'd never get..
We might never have seen eye to eye.. (well, literally)
"Train-friends for life", well yes, together through whatever passes by...

All we know about us, is what we chose to show..
Grown up we might be, the child in us we never let go..
Whatever might have happened, we choose not to cross the line..
Distance apart, we have seen us grow in time..

To wish me on my birthday, the time you spend..
And when you add those extra dots in the end..
Miles apart, Yes, still I can see your cryptic smile..
When you pull a joke on me, hoping that I would smile..

I might have no idea what all you have been through..
But I know, life has been tough on you..
Destiny can be cruel, it has hurt me too..
Just hang in there nanba, life sometimes plays peek-a-boo..

Just know, that when you need me, I will be there for you..
And not just in theory, I mean it too..
"Search and you will find God", I always would say..
I have found you, and I thank Him everyday..


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