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by Jaysree Das
(Gawahati, India)

Nothing seems so much challenging than defining the word perfection,

So, while defining perfection, I may have to face differences of opinion.

Usually people says, "Perfection means something that lacks error."

But if we achieve perfection without error, then how do we know that?

In our personality what hidden talent is in store?

People says, When you put your best effort in some work,
the outcome you get is called perfection.

But, Isn't it an act called evasion to avoid the presence of imperfection?

Actually it is not so easy to define the word perfection,

Because everyone will define it as per their own vision.

There can't be anything without mistake,

But not everyone can make that assessment.

If there will be no mistake,

There will be no failure.

But how to achieve perfection if failure is not there?

Remember, perfection is a matter of opinion.

In someones opinion which seems perfect,

In your opinion that same effort may have some defect.

And if you can detect that defect, it will lead you to a perfect success.


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