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Perished Love and another Poem

by Rima Sahamandal
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

By Rima Sahamandal

Love used to drink exotic wine
Now Love engulfs glasses of pain
It enwrapped itself with a quilt of gloom
It chose there to silently remain.

Love used to blossom radiant roses
Now Love makes garland with thorns
You are futilely watering now
A facade of rose with a concealed stone.

Now love has stitched its lips,
Now it has learnt to hide,
Love doesn't write songs anymore
It chose to die with tears each night.

Love is now a barren land
It is determined to uproot its seeds,
Love ordered eyes to remain close
When for the last time it will bleed.

Today love fell out of words
It's now embellishing its own pyre,
It has taken bath in sacred tears for long,
It is now ready to set the fire...


By Rima Sahamandal

I want to live
An adventurous story,
I want to be juggled
By nature's calmness and fury;
I want to dance frantically
While earth will highly spin,
I want to adore life
With all its thick and thins.

I want to wander in dark forest
When the tiger will fiercely roar,
I want to be that floating boat
Which is reckless about the shore;
I want to wreck all sheds
And to embrace the violent storm,
Want to be scratched,broken & burnt
And from the ashes again i will form.

I want to taste the intense knowledge
And to plunge in the heap of books,
I want to voyage into the black sea
And to capture a mermaid by fishing hook;
I want to play a wooden harp
and listen the songs of mourning doves
When his pseudo love will make me weak
Then I will want to be unloved...


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