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Please Don't Take Me For Granted!

by Nishtha Dhand
(Gurgaon, India)

On Woman Empowerment

I am a strong lady, synonym of Shakti (The power). If I don't raise voice, it's my upbringing... please don’t take me for granted!

Even if you are wrong and I forgive you I want to give you a second chance... please don’t take me for granted!

When my emotions are suppressed and I don't retaliate it's only the peace I want... please don’t take me for granted!

Even though I slog and you don’t recognize, it's my strength to give my best to you and do not expect anything in return. Please don’t take me for granted!

Even when I create the magic and I don't get appreciated, I still laugh it out... please don’t take me for granted!

When I am in pain and I want you to be my side many a time you turn your back, I gather my broken pieces fix them together without saying a word... please don’t take me for granted!
On every fault of mine, I am pushed to the corner. It's not that I am ignorant, I give you time to realize... please don’t take me for granted!

Commemorating the fight you blame my genes for being accountable- it's my individual self-bearing the tortures and my ways to respond.... Please don’t take me for granted!

We are growing older, so our relationship should be strong.
One step from you!
One step of mine!
Life will have a meaning and no one will be wrong.

Oh dear world!

When will you understand what a lady goes through and you are always ready to condemn her more. She is the one who brought this human mankind into existence, she is the one who sacrifices, is being patient always.
Most of the time she is a giver, what is wrong if she expects a little for herself? She is a lady of substance!

For ages she has been suffering, what is wrong if she asks for a little help?
Her sacrifices are innumerable may it be for the kids or family. What is wrong if she is self-centred at times?

She is beautiful from inside and courageous to face the world. What is wrong if she does a little makeover to hide the brutal experience of life or aging on her face?
If she stands by her principles follows her instincts and virtues, she is not to be mistaken to selfish rather she is self-assured
It’s difficult defining a women, but surely she is Adorable, Amazing, Attractive, Alluring, and Audacious. Beautiful, Bold, Brainy, Creative, Compassionate, Courteous, Clever, Credible, Determined, Diligent, Dynamic, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Exuberant, Fascinating, Forgiving, Gregarious, Honest, Incredible, Inspiring, Impeccable, Innovative, Insightful, Imaginative, Independent, Intuitive, Inventive, Intellectual, Jovial, Kind hearted, Loyal, Magnanimous Noble, Open-minded, Phenomenal, Quirky, Ravishing, Sincere, Trustworthy, Uplifting, Versatile Warm-hearted, Xenial, Youthful and Zesty.
For she is a lady of substance!

Explore the Diva in you by choosing one adjective which defines you the most from this list and share it with the world!

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