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Plethora of Love

by Debabrata Arjoyita
(Durgapur, India)

The intricate nexus of the saga revolved around humor juxtaposed with intellect. With the first shower of winter she looked forward to a new year, a fresh start to move ahead into the journey of time whereas he with utmost patience kept waiting headlong just to catch a glimpse of her face virile. Just when he was about to leave, a cold, comforting grip on his right arm was all that stopped him from advancing any further. That was the moment he had been waiting for all those years since the day he first eyed her. He didn’t know what was in store for him considering the fact that she was in a way, cold, before him as always, trying to veil her emotions of joy, anger, grief and affection whenever he tried to uncouth the truth before her. It was a folly for him to be wise where ignorance was bliss, so was she, ignorant.

Was there really a treasure box filled with unfathomed mysteries or was it simply a mirage? With all these weird suspicions hovering over he turned, and the next thing, which perhaps he wasn’t really prepared of, keeping aside all those secret feelings he had for her. The bower of bliss it was for them that meted out the dissension of being draw apart.

A decade and a three was the hour of arousal of his love for her that remained dormant for six years from then. It wasn’t so easy to convert his thoughts into black and white. He was young, juvenile and desirable in all respects. Rarely did he think that besides all his academic feathers embroidered to his cap, he also had a heart which could preserve feelings for someone he never knew. It all began on a bright Monday morning with the birds welcoming the onset of yet another beginning and the unusual comfort of the wind unconsciously aroused a different pleasure within. Apart from the playfulness of nature everything else was almost an ordeal when suddenly, totally unexpectedly, he caught her glimpse. The girl, as it seemed, blindly noticed him, without investing much time pondering on who he was. Yet he was in a way startled and the innocent feelings which had started to blossom during his early teens suddenly began to flourish. From then on, never a day passed without Mother Nature giggling at the boy as he waited aimlessly for the girl. Yet a year later it all ended. She, on the contrary was unaware of his presence in her life; Who was he? What was he about to be? What future had in store for the two? The girl no longer went past the way he stood. Alex’s hopes demolished like a house of cards in a hurricane, and then on the empire of his dreams gradually began to subside like the City of Atlantis.

Araina’s life revolved around her friends, family and a real life secret which she never confessed. Apart from being the most intelligent and longed after figures among her mates, there was someone who caught her gaze right at the beginning of the high school session Four to be a score was when she eyed him; beguiling eyes, eyes which were cold, that she held into an admiration of one in the million, perceived by the milieu of the happy field where joy forever dwelled and she looked for those mysterious eyes that gave her reasons to glow crimson. She followed him everyday unlike many other girls, and he hardly took a note of any of them. He was the head of the student council, and a heartthrob of an equally greater number, being an all round performer in almost everything. He never took a note of her for she existed in his mind, eyes that appealed to her, unaware of whom he was, and she
loved him silently without seeking the grant of his consent. Winged chariot of time moved ahead and the plethora of love reached its pinnacle, a bond eternal accomplished for a lifetime.

Araina had disclosed this secret to her best friend Jane, as she was no longer able to confine those butterflies in her stomach. Yet her real life passion was in no way, as it seemed, interested in her. Only once or twice did he unknowingly took a note of this lady smiling away as he addressed the council. Two years passed like a whirlwind and all that was left with Araina was a longing desire to speak up to this boy, which she could never accomplish, and the tunes of the famous song rung behind her drooping soul, "Life goes on as it never ends, eyes of storm observe the trends, they never say, forever gaze upon me”. An ephemeral interlude That led to a mystical réalisation—Acceptance the Be and end of all living: That He was not to be found anymore, the devouring destructive effort of time made a permanent impression. Many a cycle of seasons perished, what remained was the latent potential to germinate into full flourished love, nurtured with the care and warmth of the lovers.

Alex was always excited as he came across new people on Friendo. He wasn’t actually bothered though, seeing people leaving his virtual group and fresh faces joining in. Very casually he came across yet another name, a face which seemed pretty similar. A quick conversation was all that he was expert at, not knowing how to prolong it any further and of course a typical Catholic “shy-guy” school boy when it came to girls. Little did he know that she was the one he was looking for? However he seemed unusually comfortable with this girl, the virtual media Friendo, which at least made him more flexible towards people he “feared.” At last after weeks of useless and mind boggling discussions they finally decided to meet. He taught her not to fall but to rise in love. The flattering truth of sleep that existed and prospered.

The horizon seemed almost static until a silhouette started getting near Alex. His throat dried, heartbeat rose and adding to this rainfall started pattering. Time seemed to freeze as he finally stood before her. The face seemed quite similar, someone he knew, someone he was acquainted with, yet he couldn’t figure out who that girl was. Should he run? Should he protect her from the rain? Should he just smile and walk away? With all these weird suspicions hovering over him, he turned, and the next thing, which perhaps he wasn’t really prepared of, keeping aside all those secret feelings he had for her, was a silent agreement which unmistakably he noticed in her beaming eyes.

They didn’t propose to each other, neither did they say those three magic words. All that he noticed was “Ariana” written carefully on her notebook while the bold font written “Alex” on his T Shirt could have never escaped her. They smiled at each other relishing the moment of realization without any introduction. The Emperor of the Day set himself into the Western concavity of the Horizon seeing the two finally drink the Holy Grail of long lost love.

That was how time flied and led them to the genre of adulthood when they collided; fate figured it on behalf of the two. Unknown yet well-known to each other when he stroked a conversation to which she responded with utmost delight. Did the quest for ideal love reveal the concluding epiphany? Looking back into the clocks of time they found a reflection of innocence that flourished, the latent potential to germinate that remained dormant blossomed. The moment of culmination touched their tender emotions, each and everywhere for the other, united and graceful.


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Jun 13, 2015
by: Onjana Dey

Wonderful expressions. I just loved reading every

Jun 12, 2015
by: Ahmed

A wonderful saga . Which , not every reader will understand . But yeah , if understood , no reader is sure gonna forget . This one is No Clichè but very genuine and lively .... Congrats Debabrata and Miss.Roy ...

Jun 04, 2015
by: AnkitC

First of all a hearty congrats to my friend upon his first publication of this short story...a wonderful portray of emotins that do arise from both lovers,one that few lovers can know..quite a nice start into the literary world...congrats Debabrata n Arjoyita :)

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