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Poems on Love and Writing

by Suman Siwach
(Jorhat, India)

1) Of Love and marriage

If to be a lover is to be a poet, I am a poet;
Countless are the ways I love thee.
by tearful prayers and fiery longing fed
are the frozen lakes of passionate love steered.
To revel in loving affair is so rare
as not power and sanity, but crystallized intoxicated spirit it bears.
Such is the vitality of marriage and its fringes
that holding scale of meter in poem twinges.
If bosom attempts to hold the mystery of concealed love
through hundred unerring glances it finds expression above
all the perfumes and multihued jewels that try to glove
the common denominator of mankind: Love!
If you know not these states of love
You know not also how to unknow.
Come, sit here, where the roses glow
Here sanity’s glimmering lamp into gorgeous light of day blows.
Wend now thy way with brow serene
Fear not to fall, as in Love, one never rises but still gleams !


2) Creative Writing

It isn’t about the catching up on words
Nor is it about finding the rhyme
It isn’t about the feel sometimes
As much is it about the expression innate!
You think to write
And what a fool you are
Thinking can’t make you a poet or writer
As it is not about the time and thought
What is asks from you is urgency to express
To weigh down your endless chores
To keep up the speed of typing and scribbling alive
To let your heart throb its way
To not guide and show the way
But just to keep filling out
Instead pouring out your unthoughtful gestures
Your unexpressed desires
Your truths great and small
All your unnamed fears and failures.
To write as if you will throw it all in the end
And look for some better piece to present
As for people you will now compose
Something presentable and more vivid
Something you will be praised for!
You can’t tell them all for fear
To let them catch you unaware
In your undressed thoughts and desire
As you aim at getting recognition more
Than pouring your true story though!


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