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by Syamala Devi
(Tenali, India)

Plastic, plastic, plastic………We all are very familiar about this word. Isn’t it? From morning to evening every object we use contains plastic. This single word will destroy our whole generations.

We people are able to give properties to our children but….. Are we not able to give a clean environment to them? Well! You are using things made up of plastic for worshipping god but do you know that this plastic is killing our god. Yes! absolutely. In Hinduism we worship cow as a holy animal and in some communities people worship water , nature as their god. Cows are dying by eating plastics, Water is polluted and nature is totally destroyed by this plastic. So, where is our worship towards our god? No, one can deny the fact that we, ourselves are killing our gods. I know that my words may seem bitter to you, but this is the worst condition going on in our lives. So, let us together fight against plastic. A change starts from you and me . I think you are best mothers who can provide best future by giving clean environment to your child. Let our world be as pure as your love and affection towards your child and as best as you.


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