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Priya's New Apartment - contd

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

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Staying with Ritvik became a habit for Priya. She would return early from office and they would sit chatting for hours. Every night! Priya would fall asleep beside him. Another month passed like this. Priya’s childhood infatuation had transformed to love. She had started finding solace in his arms. The cuddles soon turned to making out and each night would witness a soul meet another.

Two days later was Priya’s Birthday. Priya wanted to celebrate it with Ritvik. Cake Scotch and Roses, she was amused though the happiness wasn’t to last long. The door of her flat was already open and on chair sat Shravan, Priya’s ex-boyfriend and looking at him with eyes full of questions was Ritvik’s Ghost which sat just opposite to him on the sofa.
“Happy Bday Priya”
“Thank you but how did you get in.”
“I too was thinking the same Priya. I am still not able to make out how the door opened on its own. There wasn’t anyone inside to respond to the doorbell.”
Priya snubbed him with the intention to hush the subject.

“What are you doing here Shravan? That’s what I wanted to know?”
“It’s your birthday baby. I just came to celebrate."
“Three years later you remember my birthday?
You still have the face to come to me and say it’s my Birthday Shravan Das?”
Shravan left insulted and Priya turned to Ritvik to clarify.
“Ritvik I…”
“Priya he is the guy who held the camera in his hand that night. The man who was shooting the prank that led to my death.”
The wind sounded like a storm. Priya couldn’t believe what she heard. Next was obvious. If Shravan was recording then the one enacting as ghost was none other than Sonal. The flop actress trying to find ways to gain the fame she was struggling for. Priya’s Birthday was almost over. That night Ritvik didn’t
show up. The cake lied on the table and Priya exhausted due to scotch. Next morning she rose to front page headline –
“Mystery Unfolds.”
Two frames of the pictures in the article showed the deceased actor Ritvik Soni on the left and the murderers Shravan Das and Sonal Kambli with cuffs on the right.

After two years of the mysterious case of death of superstar Ritvik Soni, T.V Director Shravan Das and actress Sonal kambli stepped forward to throw light on what happened that night. They are believed to have played a prank leading Ritvik to the horrendous accident and cardiac arrest that night.

Fifteen days had passed to her birthday but Ritvik hadn’t shown up. She had stopped speaking to anyone. Warnings at work, criticism from family and friends and deteriorating health couldn’t stop her from missing Ritvik. Her efforts to share what she felt had failed as no one believed in her paranormal story.
On the sixteenth night she felt the same ambience again. It was Ritvik.

"I appeared and asked them to surrender to police lest I shall haunt them and make their worst then death. I avenged my death Priya"

“So You’ll leave me and go now” Priya had tear filled eyes.

“No I was taken the very day. I was given entry in to the big door. I could either be reborn or continue being an angel and guard someone I love. I chose to be a guardian angel. I will be with you and guard you till eternity Priya.”

"And what When I die?”
“You will have the same options. If you choose to be an angel we will stay together and if you chose to be reborn I will be your angel forever.”
That night moon didn’t show up. The cosmos restructured! Never had such an eternal love been seen or felt ever before. Priya lived with the ghost in her apartment Happily Ever After.

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Oct 25, 2017
Nice plot
by: Your Name: Anju Chandna

The plot is nice but maybe the narration could be more intense. After all the girl was dealing with a ghost! I like it though. Read my story also -The Unwanted Sibling. Your comments would be welcome.

Sep 14, 2017
not nice
by: hamood

mahmood said it has the potential to be amazing but it isnt

Aug 23, 2017
by: Your Name:

Thks Siddhartha..sure I would..

Aug 23, 2017
by: Siddhartha

Excellent story. You really pack a punch. Do read mine as well


Aug 23, 2017
by: Your Name:

Thank you😊

Aug 22, 2017
Amazing one.
by: Shailendra

Amazing one

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