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Rainbow Bites

by Ashrita Damera
(Hyderabad, India)

I fly,
Into the sky,
And touch something,
Shaped half-ring,
A soothing feel, prompted tasting,
My tastebuds started licking that cassata-like ring,
Stretched between two muffled up white-sugar candies,
And in this blissful space,

I licked,
Red, bright red,
It had a spicy, tangy, mirchi-like tickle,
Like my grandma's avakai pickle,
Sweet,Like a bright-red apple,
Hot and cool,

Orange, a unique flavour,
Which i started to savour,
Not sour, unlike typical orange, but sweet like over-ripe orange,

Yellow,the dearest fellow,
Was soft and mellow,
Like a nice piece of candy,
Was mandeline,tasty

Green and clean,
Bland, like glycerin,
So normal,
And mundane like the life of mine, a bored mammal,

Blue, so unearthly,
something melancholy,
An unexperienced flavour,
A mix of mint and vinegar,

Indigo, was like petrichor-sand,
Something i longed to taste on land,
That freshening smell,was like a balm
So cool and calm,
Violet, so vibrant,
Like mix of onion, garlic and ginger, so pungent,
Pricked my tastebuds and throat,
It became hot within, as it travelled slowly like a boat,

I spinned the spectrum,
To see what would, out of it, come,
It was like ugadi-pachadi,
Like our life, mix of emotions and journeys of wide variety.


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Apr 29, 2019
Explicitly written
by: Your Name:pavani

Beautifully captured the tastes of colours, wonderfully expounded. Looking forward for more of your works.

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