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Rambling about Happiness and another Poem

by Jagari Mukherjee
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

1) Rambling about Happiness

A little happiness every day
Is what I look for,
When I open a book or one of my journals
(simple or ornate);
Sometimes I go to the garden
And discover a new flower or
A tranquil snail, and my day is madeā€¦

Then I forget hours of pain
And obliterate from my memory
That my heart was ever broken
And instead,
Sit in a bamboo chair
On the balcony enjoying the sunlight on a winter afternoon;
Healing the wounds of the soul
By gazing at the coconut trees reaching for heaven,
To feel what I define happiness
Despite a life most imperfect
Where I am hurting from a newly broken heart.

I sit on the balcony
And write in my
Kevin Danny faux leather yellow journal
Poems of lost love;
And with each poem
My sorrow melts a little further
And I feel a little more happiness.

2) Three Years Ago

You and I both looked at the moon
Through the wet skies
Three years ago in the
Month of June...

Only the Pacific Ocean separated us
And nothing else...
My heart turned into rain.

Every solitary night
The skies wept stars, and weeps

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