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reg.conjugal bliss

I didn't quite get what your attitude to modern day ideas of marriage/ relationships is. I personally think that although more kinds of relationships have been legalized or are on the threshold of being legalized, I don't really see any change. But then again, I am a die hard pessimist :( I liked the story a lot because of its unusual and unexpected narrative and yet its message, which would mean your opinion about modern day love and marriage is unclear to me. It would be great if you could elucidat this point.

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Mar 22, 2010
In response to the query above
by: Kakuli Nag

Readers have interpreted this piece in their own way and as a writer, I believe the moment you explain a story, its potential of drawing a dozen more interpretations are lost. Many readers sympathized with the protagonist believing the prediction will be true. Poor me, they thought (since it is first person narration) While the plot is built on any average mother?s hopes and fears, the core is the protagonist?s characterization. There are several paragraphs in the story that hints at the protagonist?s pathetic sense of commitment and flighty nature. So the possibility of Kaku?s prediction that they will stay separate does not mean she will be abandoned by her man but in fact she will be forsaking him, for another man/ interest perhaps. And this only Kaku knew!

My opinion about modern day love and marriage has nothing to do with the story.

Mar 16, 2010
conjugal bliss
by: Anonymous

something we are all looking for. good going

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