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by B.R.Nagpal
(New Delhi)

When in my dryness, drought

maya of mind blurs,

make me cross over

to a golden halt.

Like the overcast clouds,

pierce me with Your mighty sunbeams.

Before I lose my voice, colour

descend into darkness like the nightfall,

greet me with the dawn of dewdrops

in your orchard of mellowness.

Spread your fisherman’s nest

to fasten me tight in your grasp.

Lord, I lie prostrate

in your aura.

Make the vital energies flow,

blast my apprehensions,

merge me with elements

that abide in the vastness of sky,

in the flash of winds, beehives of trees.

When the rot is stemmed,

I am crystallized clean.

Make me shine in your compassion.

I am like your bridal song,

flowing with music

in the grandeur of your creation.

You are my anchor,

I remain stained, accursed, pathetic.

Tie up your knot of brimful love,

endow me to abandon false forms.

You are my beloved,

You are my creator.


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