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Rendezvous With The Sea

by Anukriti Ashok
(Lucknow, India)

Right across the rocky street,
my eyes encounter a visual treat -
A territory marked by thickly laden tree,
swaying merrily with the soothing breeze.
It is the protector of a sandy realm;
a picturesque beauty, divine and solemn.

I feel the wind whispering in my hair,
unaffected by any worldly affair,
singing a melodious, sleep-inducing lullaby;
glorifying its camaraderie with the cloudy sky.
It paints a picture on the watery blue canvas,
of a world, still unknown to the atlas.

Hide and seek plays the mischievous crimson sun,
as it sets to proclaim its love for the horizon.
It leaves a mesmerising tinge on the golden sand,
revealing secret treasures of this mysterious land.
Somewhere, terrified creatures safely submerge into their habitat,
taking cover from cruel humanity’s aftermath.

The dancing waves anxiously race towards the shore,
annihilating forgotten footsteps and deserted castles, to the core.
Far beyond, they lean against a solitary cliff,
that’s clinging on to a lighthouse, tall and stiff.
The weary fishermen celebrate their journey back to home,
as the sea slowly fades behind me like foam.


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