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by Enakshi Johri
(Bareilly, India)

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The next big moment came into her life when her daughter completed her intermediate and scored 91%. With the help of her father, she got her daughter enrolled in one of the most prestigious colleges of NCR region. She did not agree on sending her daughter far from home because already she had faced many mishaps and she could not afford to lose her daughter too. It was 2008 then, when her daughter joined college. Yet again things started to fall in their own normal place. But destiny had it all planned in a different way. That very year, Renuka’s father started suffering from certain heart problems. She was so worried about his health that she took a long medical leave from her work and stayed at home to devote all her time to her father. Not long had her father been ill, when the problem became serious. Unfortunately, he died in a few months. Renuka’s world was torn apart into shreds. The only person on whom she had been dependent all these years was no more. She and her children were left alone. She wanted to die, but her will power had not given up. Her inner self was fighting with itself.
“It’s hopeless”, said the mind.
“It’s worth”, said the will power.
“You won’t get any support”, said the mind.
“You don’t need anyone if I am with you”, said the will power.

And there she was, thinking about what to do. To end the life, would be a cowardly thing. But to live life and live for her children would be a brave thing to do. And she chose the latter. It was then when she decided to overcome all her sorrows and start life from an entirely new perspective.

Five years passed and her son reached the last stage of his
schooling. On the other hand, her daughter was in the last year of completing her post graduation. Her son did extremely well, even better than her daughter. He got admission in a reputed college too. By that her daughter also got a job and life was moving at a comfortable pace, when suddenly this new problem had knocked her door. Her sisters wanted partition of the property.

And today, the verdict for the case was out. Her sisters had won. The moment the verdict was out, they had arranged for workers who would build the wall. Renuka was, yet again, broken. But today, her children were big enough to support her. All these years she had been facing things on her own. But God had shown his magic this time. Her children supported her and she stood strong. She did not cry. Nor did she lose her fighting spirit. The partition was done and the sisters were gone,

Renuka has decided to move on. She had always been the one who bore the brunt. But now she has decided to challenge time. After all, life is all about finding the calm in all the chaos.

At the present day, she is full of pep and is ready to face new challenges. She is enjoying her success in the form of her children, who are the best. She does not have any grudges for the people who had betrayed her or left her side when she needed them the most. Instead she is grateful to them for exposing her to the reality of the situation. All these years she has learnt so much. Stronger. Experienced. Bold. She can now even snatch hope from the jaws of death. She is happy because she believes that just like every cloud has a silver lining, every bad phase is followed by a phase of happiness.


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Oct 10, 2014
Touching and inspiring.
by: Namita

You write from your heart. Unlike the professional authors out there, there is a sense of belonging in your work. The circumstances that the protagonist faces are not the typical ones but are the ones that can arise in anybody's life. Therefore, reading between the lines I could picture the strength that a woman withholds within herself. Come what may, there is nothing that can fight the rage of a woman. But Renuka, on the contrary, won because of her patience.

A great effort indeed! Good luck for future success stories!

Oct 05, 2014
Great Compilation
by: Sidhanshu Khurana

I really enjoyed reading the article. The article is written in a good and lucid way. Keep on the good work!

Oct 03, 2014
(Women) Empowerment - It comes from within
by: Manish Rai

Renuka, the finest of specimen of a woman empowered and she clearly depicts the picture of a woman who is struggling with all sort of dire situations and still manages to keep her head high. Resilience personified....what a character.....and to all the political people, it's a message that women don't need empowerment....they are better than men in every regard and only it's the will-power of a woman that's need to be empowered and that too could only be cultivated in an encouraging environment, so try to picture that, gentlemen....kudos to Writer and her strong character....Renuka.

Oct 02, 2014
Patience pays
by: Dr. Rupa Mehra Gupta

Life can be hard but not impossible for self restraint women like Renuka. Salute to her patience, self-control and firmness. Its easy to appreciate and applaud her will by pouring several adjectives however her silence can never be acclaimed as that's something priceless and inestimable.
Kudos to the writer for her profound expression and putting forth the journey of Renuka's unpleasantly coarse life in such a significant manner. It moistened my eyes. Loved it to the core.

Oct 02, 2014
And She chose Wisdom..!!
by: Sameep Verma

Brilliant work Ena. Problems are a part of life, but we need to stand tall and fight because it ain't till you give up. Believe-Act-Win..!!
Destiny is shit. You make your own stars..!!
All the best!

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