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Review of Abduction - a Paranormal story

by Lakshmi Menon
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

I am usually not a fan of paranormal or fantasy stories. But somehow this book - Abduction - attracted me. I had come across this book through twitter friends.

It is the story of an alien abduction, told by David Hartman. When David was trying to get back home from work in the night, got abducted by aliens, on the way. He was taken aboard the ship. He met other people in the new place who too reached there as abductees like him. The good part of the abduction was that the aliens didn't harm him. He was taken to another planet, much like earth. He thought that it was an uthopian village where people were very happy and cared for each other, with no materialistic interest. In his own words, "I could not convey the idea of modern objects such as TV, cars, or computers. I also could not understand what country he was from. I had tried to draw a map with my finger on the wall, but he apparently knew little of geography."

However, David managed to come back to his real life, after a year of missing from earth. The story is presented as fiction by Dr. Paul, Mental Health Therapist.

The story is interesting, fast spaced and also thought provoking.


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Sep 07, 2015
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