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Review of Misjudged Nuances

by Rakhi Jayashankar
(Kochi, Kerala)

Misjudged nuances is a contemporary fiction, women's fiction, love story, story of friendship and also a book with social commitment. The narrative style is quite convincing and neat. Each character is developed through the story.

The whole story is a breezy trip through the lives of the characters especially Soumya. There is a lot of sincerity in the book. Let it be the friendship between Soumya, Anjali and Tarang or the relation between Soumya and Ridhaan, author explained and easily connected with the readers effortlessly. I have been reading back to back romance stories these days and I must say that this is the first book without filmy scenes and overdose of 'I love you's.

I appreciate author's effort to bring into light the medical requirements of the neglected sections of the society.

Notwithstanding the positives, the climax failed to impress me. It was a cliche and predictable. With a little more effort on that end, the book could have been a perfect romantic story.


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