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by Meenakshi Varier

You and I, we both stand on the same road
that leads to one heavenly abode
We are the same now bought together by destiny's game
It is so easy to blend into one another but we don't , for the fear of shame
I am rotting from within and you are not,
For I feel you have what I haven't got
Your soul remains intact while mine gets torn asunder.
Then, things get eerie as we hear a distant roar of thunder

For you the road that lay ahead leads to hope and destiny
You smile as you look ahead
You see a colourful rainbow and
birds flying past it and roses arranged in bed
The sky beckons you with its sheer beauty
I ask you if we could exchange what we have and you say no,
not for a lifetime and I think you sound snooty.
I ask you why and an answer you don't deny
You tell me ,I had everything yet saw nothing
because my greed couldn't be sated
Hence I couldn't undo what was fated
That led to indulgences which were sore
Because I was greedy for more and more
You tell me you had nothing but were happy
And so you lived a life as a wise old chappy
What lay ahead was just a road tarred
And what we saw were reflections jarred.


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Jun 01, 2016
by: Rajan variar

It ought to be 'the road' I seems a true depiction of one's inner turmoil,needs and unfulfilled wishes in reasonable linguistic flair.there is redemption when one assumes courage of conviction,not to run away but to stay put and be one's own master of destiny.we can only do that with what we have and being happy with continue the travel.


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