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Sandy's Misery...continued..

by Malavika Roy Singh

Page 2 (continued from page 1)

Suddenly, Sandy saw Burly and his partner trot up to the end. Bushy went a little closer to the end, but remained unseen. Sandy was tired of this suspense, when suddenly she saw Cuba’s servant running on the road, running parallel. In fact, he was chased by some anonymous dogs, whom she had seen wandering on days. Cuba was nowhere and so were Bushy and his accomplice.

“Honk”, sounded the dog catcher van.

“Oh hell, where are they gone?” Sandy thought aloud. She broke into a run to search them and reached the end of the road. She took the turn that went left and called out Bushy’s name, when…
“Oh shut up, you mud head”, whispered a familiar voice. Sandy turned to find Bushy, hiding behind the bin and signaling her to hide. She did as told and jumped behind a bush. She turned her neck in the direction of a sound at the end ahead.

Cuba was surrounded by Bushy’s two friends and some more odd-looking weaklings.
“Oh my, you two have come again?” Cuba said in a tone of surprise. “I guess a day’s bashing was simply not enough. Wasn’t it?”

“It’s your turn today Cuba, we shall settle scores, here.”
Cuba smiled and then grew ferocious. “You think, I’m one of those silly looking dogs, who hide behind the master. Let me tell you, I’m one, but enough for ten of you. I can rip ten at a time.”
And he bared his teeth to Sandy’s horror.
“Let’s see”, and one of them pounced on Cuba, getting slapped on face instantly.

The dog fell with a thud, but prepared once again.
“Didn’t I tell you, I am the master of all these tricks?”

“Oh yeah”, the rest growled and jumped on Cuba, almost together.

As the fight began, Sandy couldn’t make out as to who was who. But it was a match and sight that would make even the humans halt and see. It would put any match, played by humans, to shame.
They fought heroically. Though the rogue bit and badly thrashed them, a couple of them punched and knocked him out real hard, surprising Cuba to the hilt.

Sandy saw a couple of dogs backing away. She focused to see two men, with a huge net, pounce upon the group, catching Cuba unawares. A few, who had seen them like Burly and his friend, ran, while Cuba got trapped, unguarded. They hauled him into their van and disappeared the way they had appeared.

“Bravo my boys”, Bushy jumped in joy, hugging his friends in glee. “You’ve done it. Our plan did work.”

“Yeah it did, no suspicions too”, they laughed and slapped each other’s back in support.
Sandy stood like a rock. Too much happened too suddenly, leaving her frozen. She regained and ran towards Bushy, who was dancing around now.
Bushy hugged Sandy.

“Hey stop! You guys need to tell me what did you do and how?”

Bushy smiled and Burly started, “I and my friend, we went and spoke to other dogs, who too wanted revenge, so we decided to call for shots. First we thought of chasing the servant, who tied Cuba and left looking for a place to rest. These humans, I tell you they’ve to sleep everywhere and they blame us.”

“Hey don’t divert the topic!” said one.

“Yeah sorry”, said Burly and continued. “While he tied Cuba near that tree, some of us, as planned, went behind the servant and chased him away in opposite direction, so that we would be left alone with Cuba.”

“Had the servant been around Cuba, he would have specified that Cuba was his dog and so the dog catchers would have left him. And so we decided to get him away.”

“That was cool”, said Sandy looking impressed.

“I’m so glad they caught him, but what about the rest. There were at least three-four dogs, who got caught simply out of plan?”

“Oh don’t worry. They’ll get away with it. In fact, the whole idea was that those dogs be caught as they would ensure that Cuba did not get away. Plus, they have loads of friends in that place, where are going to be kept, so it is going to be a vacation for them.”

“Yeah, a real nice one, especially with Cuba around”, and they all laughed heartily.

Sandy hugged and thanked Bushy. She knew that with her best friend around, her life won’t be a misery anymore.

The End

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Feb 20, 2012
Interesting story
by: Bala

I enjoyed this nice little story. Well done

Feb 18, 2012
by: Geetashree Chatterjee

I feel sorry for all those dogs who are caught by the dog catchers - be it Cuba or Sandy.

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