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Second Honeymoon - contd..

by Vijay Medtia
(Manchester, United Kingdom)

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They watched quietly for a few minutes, then another peahen flew into the lawn. The peacock at once turned its attention to the new female, and before long flew away together. Nisha let go of him and moved back into the bedroom in silence.

He didn’t sleep properly that night, when he awoke with the morning light, Nisha had her suitcase packed. He got ready and drove her to the coach station. She would reach Baroda, change, and catch the coach for Surat.
As they stood near the coach, he said.
‘Tell the children, I’ll always be there for them. I love them both very much and that I am sorry.’
‘They love you too, you know that.’
‘I guess I do. Are you going to live in Surat now?’
‘Yes probably. I am sorry we couldn’t make it work.’
‘Look after yourself Nisha. And remember it’s not your fault. Your mother was right about me.’
‘She was always too harsh on you.’

‘Stay in touch.’
‘Oh Amit, I didn’t think this would ever happen to us.’
She searched inside her white purse as the coach started and handed back the gold earrings.
‘I want you to keep them Nisha.’
‘No, I don’t want them, they will always remind me of an unhappy time.’
‘Please keep them.’
‘No Amit, take care.’

He took them back with a heavy heart. She wasn’t crying for a change as she sat in the coach. She waved only once, as she left his life for good. He drove back to the bungalow and knew he would spend another day at the most. He sat down, stared at the lake and opened a beer bottle. Well, didn’t we make a fine mess of a simple life.

He took a bitter sip, then after a few minutes wondered how Sophia was getting along in Goa and whether she still cared for him. He took a long drink and felt better. Then he pulled out his mobile and tapped Sophia’s number.


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Aug 28, 2019
Bitter truth
by: Dellnaz Italia

Very well written...gripping...loved the end...though it was bitter it has a ring of truth to it...

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