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Sharp Memory

by Vaman Acharya

The chart containing six types of different pictorial items was displayed on the wall. The students have to observe it very closely for three minutes and thereafter without seeing the chart, list out all the items correctly in the same order. Yet another problem, two identical photos were given on right and left hand side. The student has to find out at least four differences. There was no choice given to them. Time allotted was half an hour.

Eight year old Anandi was considered as brilliant based upon her strong memory power,she decided to attempt the entire question and answer within the allotted time. The announcement was made to commence the test. Everybody, who participated in the test were very serious and their sole intention was to achieve success.

Anandi took it as a challenge. She commenced to answer. When the time allotted was over, the teacher collected the papers from all. He said the results would be announced on next day. When she came out from the class, her friend Rita asked about the answer. Anandi told her the answer. Rita laughed and told her as incorrect answers.

The results were announced on next day and Anandi was declared as winner of the contest. She was naturally most happy to know the result.

The function was arranged in the school to distribute the awards to students, who declared as winners. Anandi took her parents to the function. When the distribution of prizes started, it was first name of Anandi. She was asked to come to the dais to receive the prize. She was asked to explain the secret of her success.

She went to the dais and said, “When I first saw the chart, I started thinking for a while. In the items given, I started by giving names. An idea flashed to me to arrange these items as per the first alphabet of my name. To my good luck, the items are six and my name is also consisting of six alphabets and tallied with the items as Alarm cloak, Name plate, Abacus, Necktie, Diamond, India map. If the entire first alphabet put together, it will be my name ‘ANANDI’. Without seeing the list, I had arranged the items correctly in the same order. To my surprise, it was okay. As far as second problem, there were four pictures identical on both sides. All the four were slightly different from each other if you observe very closely; you will have to point out the difference. In the right side, pictures of hero pen, a girl-wearing dress with three buttons, book titled tips for kids and lastly Tiffin box with sree on the top. In the left side, heero pen, girl-wearing dress of four buttons, tip for kids and tiffin box with sri.

Anandi's Parents were surprised to see the wonderful achievement of the little girl and wished her success in the life.

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Apr 18, 2012
Memory Power of Children
by: Vaman Acharya

Children at this age possess wonderful memory power. It is the duty of parents to examine their children to sharpen their memory power. Anandi is one among them. Most of the times, children beat the elderly people in memory.

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