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She is Your Wife

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

Kiss her more
Do not ignore
Hug her tight
Be her light

Gifts do give
Not expensive
She doesn't need stars
Just some chocolate bars

Give her a rose
A pin for her nose
Just go for a walk
Listen to her talk

Read what she writes
Listen when she fights
She may be sad
Might be missing her dad

Appreciate that she is loyal
Treat her royal
Take her out for a dinner
Lose a fight and be her winner

Don't repeat your mistake
Change a bit for her sake
She changed her complete life
She deserves your love being your wife

Ask her out for a date
When going out never be late
Work can wait her little heart may not
Don't break her heart she isn't asking for a lot

Be the moon let her be the sunshine
Read in between when she says she is fine
Look closely what she doesn't say
Don't just be a bank don't just pay

Ask her how her day was
On a holiday sit and paint a vase
Cook for her sometime someday
Or make a small cartoon for her with clay

Let her be your priority
Travel with her to a new city
Don't tell her to comb her messy hair
Thank her for her love and care

Before you leave and after you return
Kiss her yourself don't wait for a turn
Do not ignore don't leave her alone
Don't be loud on her check your tone
Love her a lot and hug her tight
Be her peace be love be the moon be her light.


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