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She too Had a Father

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

She too had a father
But her father wasn't great,
His eyes changed towards her
The moment she crossed eight,

His eyes that abused her 
Made her live through hell,
She cried in silence she prayed for safety 
She had no one to tell,

Once she went to her mom
To tell her once she tried,
Her mother slapped her right and left,
The lady thought she lied,

She couldn't sleep fearing all the time,
What if her father
Would target her with a crime,

She felt safe outside,
she grew up strong but naive,
Her heart trusted no one, 
However she appeared brave,

She turned bitter 
hatred took her soul
She preferred isolation,
staying outside became her goal,

As she grew up nothing changed,
Just that her patience often ranged,

She would face him with mix  of feelings,
She would crave for a father
but then loosen the strings,

Her childhood couldn't return,
Her fate had the hold,
She kept the father's seat empty,
She turned her emotions cold,

She forgave the man for his evil instinct,
She turned her life to be distinct,

She lived a life away from the world,
She never hugged she never cuddled,

How much of her soul had completely burnt,
Being the daughter of a man who never learnt,

That a father is all a daughter needs,
To look up for safety and protection from greeds,

A father is the daughter's belief,
From every pain he is the relief,

But she wasn't too blessed for
she had a father not so great,
A man so evil to look at her body,
the moment she crossed eight.


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Jan 22, 2020
Not all fathers are kings.
by: Your Name:

Some are demons.

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