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She Will Survive

by Kavya Sharma
(New Delhi, India)

She is crying her days and crying her nights
Wandering the conclusions and its mights
There was once love now are fights
Only left now is doubt, regret n cries

Not sure what to do and what not
In suffering web both are caught
There were problems together they fought
Blinded by love they had put the knot

Not the worse but worst is to cheat
The other heart just get raged with heat
Still it tried everything for the ends to meet
Despite knowing no good was her own deeds

Still for her there was love there was shock
Every step she took was a broken lock
He kept on changing the keys but it was now a stock
Deep inside her heart there were flumes and rock

Once broken she tried to build that trust
But before that priorities were a must
Cuz it was something deep down the crust
Beneath his shoe she was always crushed

The more she tried to stand
Realised she was just a dust
Every problem was solved by a hand
Or may be it was all about lust

Neither was she poor nor rich as well
Her soul was just being dragged to hell
Not enemy not a friend to tell
Purse got empty and thinking herself to sell

Despite all of it she had to survive
With a broken bone and a skirt turquoise
It was not the end or a strike
She will succeed no matter what it might
Because I still love you...


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