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Shush: Awake the Little Self

by Chitra Lele,
( United Kingdom,)

Title: Shush: Awake the Little Self : An Anthology of Poetry
Author: Dr. Ujjwala Kakarla

Reviewed By Chitra Lele
United Kingdom, Coventry

Shush: Awake the Little Self is an empowering, transformative and enlightening book. The poet, Dr. Ujjwala Kakarla, a sensitive soul and a BEING of Light, has crafted a creative poetic prism that emits (de)lights of holy hues of wisdom, spiritual intelligence, peace, emotional intensity, and much more.

Philosophical insights coupled with life experiences symbolize the poet’s poetic acumen. The diction is artistic and the themes are multi-faceted. Striking symbolism arises from each poem and each poem is highly engaging and can prove to be a tool for spiritual catharsis. In the poem, “The Source of Life”, the poet eulogizes the miracles of Mother Nature:

Those saffron rays of the sun,
Unifying every tiny creature to phenomena
in brilliance,

And exhorts the readers:

In awe of, the nearest star emitting its energy,
The power of life outreaching the earth.

The poet is a keen observer of men and matters. “Crazy Fame” lays bare the vagaries and hollowness of humans and their materialistic pursuits:

This crazy fame in fair and foul play,
Plays the game of obstruction, catch -22,
Catch-22, in pioneering venture, a mare’s nest,
A mare’s nest motions life towards annihilation.

In “Melody of Peace”, the poet appeals the readers to connect to their core for finding inner peace:

Just accepting the way
of existence,
Transmuting the silence
into music of love,
To keep up life’s promise
In the melody of peace.

One learns about the deep significance of emotions in “Seeds of Emotions”, and then one also get to experience rebirth in terms of spiritual transformation through “Tree of Mind”.

In the role of the poet to strip the outer physical layers away, and to invite the readers to push deeper and that is what the poet has done through this book. The poems through their magnificent metaphors and mellow meters reveal the spirit and heart of the poet, creating a deep connection with the readers that give them a second sight to view life and its dimensions in a deeper way.

Through these sublime and soulful poems, the poet has laid out a road-map with signposts at every corner for the readers to follow in order to reach the zenith of personal transformation and self-realization.


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