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Signs Unbind

by B R Nagpal
(Delhi, India)

The majestic bird from the summit of the hill,

strives to click her gaze towards the unseen.

She then, balances herself upon the slippery branch of a tree

whose lining stretches itself to the farthest end.

She finds herself connected to the roots,

down to the mighty deeps.

Here, the calm that descends, permeates, exalts.

Adjacent to the bird’s resting place,

The landslide had shaken the slopes.

Stones, rocks were blown,

It was like a jump into wilderness

demolishing all faith.

The bird undeterred sang and sang hymns celestial,

The clouds changed their route,

velocity charged winds, the thunder, rainfall

ceased their uproar.

The song attuned itself to the changing winds,

seasons bright, dark and grey.

There were flashes,

audio-visual communications,

glimpses of the mystery of the Infinite,

of beauty invisible, voices unheard.

It was all the moment of epiphany.


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