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by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad India)

Recently converted to Sainthood Siku was at peace with life and extremely happy about the recent development in his life. He had learnt spirituality had healed wounds life had given him and had finally restored peace.

Following the path of Buddha, Siku decided to know the world survive on bhiksha and gain enlightenment amid nature. He wanted to apply his experience and principles to his journey so that no moment of his life, by gone or persisting, would ever sound like time wasted in future.

He decided to know the world closely. He decided to apply his Sacred spiritual learning to those suffering in misery. He decided to start by blessing a village which was still licking the wounds of a devastating epidemic.
Siku knew he had a diamond called spirituality which, according to his own learning and the teachings of the masters and experts, could heal even the worst scar, silent storms, bend time and resources.

One by one he decided to knock each gate. Out of all the 800 huts nearly 790 of them kicked him out without even trying to understand his knowledge. He felt humiliated and ashamed of his decision. The other ten had listened to him and then had used him as a punching Bag for venting their pain and trauma of the misfortune.

He wanted to talk about healing, he wanted to share how even worst times could heal with the spiritual knowledge he had. But no one respected heard or cared for it. Siku sat there under the stars counting on to all the moments he wasted in putting his efforts for wrong people. Since Siku had approached the whole village his name had spread by and far with everyone laughing and making fun of a mad man who spoke senseless, knew nothing about medicine and had nobody to cry after him. The rumours reached him in no time and with full of pain and silence Siku decided to move on.

Siku was hurt and felt wasted. He now rested in another village which was comparatively smaller, misery was less and people were in better shape in all aspects. This seemed like a place of a few wise faces. But Siku was alert. He knew he had been thrashed once and his ego couldn’t take anything more. He decided to stick to bhiksha. Whoever would give him food would get blessings. Three or four people had accustomed to feed him whenever he would be around and in return they would share their woes and put questions related to life and spirituality. This would please Siku and he would happily answer. The love glued Siku to them and he got attached to the patrons of his knowledge.

It was an year later when Siku realised that those he was attached to had left for better living in a city. Siku felt shattered and broken. His attachment shunned to pieces. Living in the same village made him feel weak and nostalgic. He decided to move on to some place where he could feel alive again. This village was even smaller. Here everyone seemed like Siku. All of them chanted and meditated all the time. No one would talk to another and the place would seem still at times due to peace. Everybody made their own food and no one depended for others for anything. They would not need emotional supports no one would demean the other and they would rarely talk.

Siku rather took some time to accommodate to the serenity of the village having popped from misery of the past experiences.

This village seemed like home. It never spoke, it never gossiped, it never demanded, it never gave, it just existed like trees like river. Doing their work by clock not scattering their lives for what they didn’t own. People who knew about the village and its miraculous existence would come from far to seek blessings and support for healing.

Siku realised this is all he sought. A place where people had similar or more knowledge than him and the seekers would come as they would need without any chase from the masters.

Each person on initial stages of spirituality is like Siku. Trying to impart knowledge to wrong people in wrong villages. Getting attached to those who show they understand and getting offended from those who do not. Like Siku the spiritual people fail to realise that if you need to be medium for anything the seekers shall reach you and the stars shall guide them to you, that you shouldn’t be attached neither to your self and what you possess nor to those seeking you.

Being spiritual is about Serenity and Silence. It is about not being dependent and not making efforts to bring any change. It is simply about saving energies and pushing all efforts at once for those Universe chose to heal through you. It is about living amid people who are like minded or living alone instead of trying to impose ourselves on those who barely know what we are talking about.

P.S – Lot of spiritual people hope that they would change someone one day and that is exactly what they misunderstand. Such a thought makes you rigid and spirituality isn’t where rigidity is.

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