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My Site Build It Review

I'm in the 9th year of my  journey as a Solopreneur with Solo Build it (SBI)  with my creative writing websiteThere has been a lot of fun, a lot of learning curve and a lot of work during this journey.

Site Build It!  (SBI) was re-branded in 2017 to Solo Build It! to better reflect its purpose, the Solopreneur. SBI! Site Build It! and Solo Build It! all mean the same thing. 

How did I start with Site Build It?

Looking back… 

I have been with SBI since 2007 when I started my first site, a travel site.  After checking with their website, which I had stumbled across, reading the SBI reviews  and their  money back guarantee, I got the courage to  sign up with them. I noticed that  my fellow Solo Build It owners come from all over the world building their websites on an incredible variety of subjects, like  local businesses, recipe, health, travel, financial planning, education, music, hobbies etc.  If they all can do, I too can... I told myself.

What Made Me Think of Another SBI Site?

Even while building a travel site, and making a good secondary income from it, the desire of building a creative writing site often came up in my mind.   In 2009, I began thinking of starting a new website for my creative writing, seriously. 

At that time, I had only several articles and short stories published to my credit, but not any books, and I was hoping to get my debut novel published soon. 

Keeping that in mind, I decided to start a website, and I couldn't think of anything else better than SBI. By then, I had known them and trusted them, and I had the confidence that I would be able to build a high traffic website of my dream. 

Originally it was indented for my own use. Then an idea struck me. Why not I allow other writers too to publish their work on the same platform so that they too can get the benefit,  just like a train pulling so many compartments together on its long journey? I discussed it with some of my writer friends and they too welcomed my idea. 

Getting a good exposure for a writer's work is highly important.  I was confident that because of the most useful tools like Brain Storming, Action Guide, Content tool, and teaching through the CTPM  (Content, Traffic, PREsell, Monetize)  method our work can get wide exposure.  Then I began planning to build the website based on the keyword most suitable for all my co-writers, rather than registering the domain on my name. 

Thus, in October 2009, with the contributions of some of my friends, my creative writing site was born. 

Why did I like Solo Build It (SBI) so much?

My reasons are many. Some of my all time favourites - 

  • ·        Their integrity- We are always reminded that Solopreneurs Build It (SBI) is not for people who look for a get-rich- quick programme. They said we need to have real passion and do real work to succeed with SBI.  That honesty hooked me. They didn't mislead us giving false promises. They give us what they promised. 
  • ·        Their Action Guide  - is so easy to use. They teach us how to build a website for an online business in easily understandable way, step by step, which even for a newbie can follow.  Using this tool many Solopreneurs outperformed their competitors. 
  • ·        Their Site Designer – We are provided with over 100 mobile-friendly or completely responsive, customizable templates to choose to our unique needs.
  • ·        Their Keyword tool - Their software helps you find the best keyword to build your website, based on your passion.
  • ·        Their Forum - If we have any doubt or problem  we can just go to our wonderful private Forum where we can easily get all the answers and support, from well experienced site owners. 
  • ·        Their excellent Support Team – For any technical issues, they are ever ready to help you.   
  •           Their Newsletter - Their most informative and useful newsletter with the latest news and developments. Reading this newsletter keeps us informed what we need to know for the growth of our site which helps us concentrate on our work.
  • ·        The price of an SBI! subscription remains $299 per year since the time I am associated with them, despite providing several new features as and when needed. Those who opt for a monthly subscription it is $25/month.

That is not enough.....They provide timely help for the ever changing internet rules to comply with Google rules, security and privacy issues like the need of our websites becoming https- and GDPR-compliant, which are extremely difficult for small site owners to deal with otherwise.  They do all the research work, and tell us what and how to implement them on our websites. 

Since then I haven't looked back. I came to know many writers, both established and new writers and helped them to grow along with me. I have authored few books and they are sold through my site. Some of my co-writers and visitors to my site support me by buying my books.

Would I Recommend Solo Build It?

Why not?

As a long term customer, I have only good things to tell about the company Solo Build It and I can recommend them with confidence to anyone who is planning to build their own online business and ready to follow instructions. 

Solo Build It! Results Solo Build It!

Why am I writing this Site Build It review?

I'm aware that there are some fake reviews floating on the internet about Solo Build It (SBI) by the people who have not used their product. As a long standing user of their product, I know whether SBI is trustworthy or not. 

It is natural that if you are doing well in your field and have many happy  customers you are also likely to have competitors who may become jealous of your growth and they may start working against you by posting bad reviews to put you down. In the case of SBI also it is not different. That is ironic in the online world. Beware of such Fake Reviews! 

Please note that by posting such a positive review about Solo Build It (SBI), I am not compensated in any way. I write it because of my trust in their product. 

Though I am an affiliate I have not included any affiliate link in this review. The purpose of writing this review is just to make my readers understand the worth of SBI and not to fall prey to the fake reviews floating on the net. You can check some of the highly successful SBI Solopreneurs here. 

Testimonials and Proofs 

You need not take my words. You can see the Proofs here to know how SBI works. 

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