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Size XXL please!!

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

Size XXL please!! is the most uttered phrase whenever I land up in a mall searching for outfits. I call them outfits because they need to fit in without showing out my flab.

I have been living with the fact that I am Size XXL from the time I was 13 that was when doctors compromised with my looks to save my life. And true yeah !! Had I been dead, slim or fat won’t have really mattered.

I have grown up seventeen years older from then. I am still fat and all these years almost thirty percent of the world I encountered had a major problem with my weight. Not that I ever hit them or sat on them to explain them the power of my overweight but they have problems. And of course, they have solutions, suggestions, prejudices & assumptions.

Then there are those twenty percent who are sizes XXXL and XXXXL. They do not dare judge me fearing a backfire though I have been brought up to be humble. I can not hurt anyone’s emotions just because their looks don’t favour them.

Then there are those fifty percent. This lot of fifty percent are the funniest people of the world. All those friends who love me for being the pillar of support for them. Those apprentices who are reaping what they learnt from me and regard me as their Mentor. All those guys in school and college who were brought up by modern women and were trained to admire the qualities a woman possessed and not her Quantity. All those Men n women in my office who admired me for my intellect and honesty.Those old people I serve selflessly. those bruised and ailing humans I help by making them smile. Somehow they never fall short of love for me. How foolish of them isn’t it? I mean however good a person I am. How can you love me if Iam so fat and don’t look good. These fifty percent people included a special guy as well. I wonder if we can label him the king of fools. This man dared fall in love with me though he looked so good. And he then after a seven years of courtship married me as well. How disgusting!!

How can someone fall in love with a girl who wears XXL size clothes. Eww!!

May be the sarcasm went too far. But then I wonder if any of the afore said things were erroneous?

A fat person may be a subject of entertainment and laughter for you. A fat person may not look pretty but that does not take away their right to live to enjoy to be loved and more over to be respected. If the world has people who humiliate there are others who respect love and accept it. I am one to make fun of myself but what about others, those who are still young and immature? Think before you make fun think before you consider them or declare them useless or unwanted.

Remember, a person is known by their caliber to achieve and accomplish in life, by their honesty and not by the way they look. Think twice before you smirk on a fat girl or a boy crossing you on the street. Don’t pity them don’t laugh on them just let them be..

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