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Small Boy, Big Adventure

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, Karntaka, India)

Just one month back, Sudhir Rajapur had moved to his newly constructed house. It was an isolated house located in the outskirts of Vishwanath Nagar. He was staying in the new house with his wife and son.

Sudhir was working as an executive Director in a private company. He leaves home early in the morning and returns late night. His son leaves home at 9 a.m. to his school and would return in the evening. His wife Sumati would be alone at home. Lonely woman residing in an isolated house is certainly unsafe. Observing the situation carefully, a local thief was planning to target Sudhir's house.

This local thief had managed to get entry into the house on the House Warming Day function, last month. About one hundred guests were invited for the function. The family members were busy in receiving the guests and taking them to the dining hall for food. The uninvited guest, the local thief was freely moving in the house with an intention to find out the safety lock in which the cash and valuables were kept. He succeeded in tracing out the hidden spot.

Since then the thief was waiting for an opportunity to enter Sudhir's house. One day, as usual Sudhir went to his office in the car, with his family. The thief was surprised to see all the three members in the car and decided to go ahead with his plan. He went near the main door and it was open. It appears the thief was a non professional and unskilled. He entered the house without any obstacle. Immediately, he bolted the door inside. To his surprise, the moment he entered the room, the main door was locked from outside without his knowledge.

He remained in the room without finding his way out. He realized his foolishness. Within five minutes, the Police arrived there and asked him to surrender. The thief had no option, except to open the inside door and surrender. By then, the main door was opened. The moment the thief came out, he was arrested and kept in the police custody. All these series of events took place within thirty minutes.

How fast these developments had taken place? Who did this excellent plan to nab the thief? He was none other than the young boy Sujay, son of Sumathi and Sudhir.

Sujay was observing the stranger moving around the house since a week. He got suspicion on him. He did not reveal this fact to his parents. He did some home work to prevent the burglary and discussed the same with his dad and mom. He finalized it in consultation with his parents. After obtaining permission from them Sujay went alone to the police station directly keeping in his mind that theft may take place at any time. Luckily, the Inspector of Police was available there.

“Good morning Sir”

“Yes, who are you?”

“Sir, my name is Sujay.”

“What do you want?”

“A stranger is moving in front of my house in a suspicious manner. I am afraid; he may enter into my house and steal valuables. During the day time my dad and I will be outside, and mom will be alone at home. There is every possibility that the thief may come during that time. I have chalked out a plan to catch hold of the thief.”

“How old are you Sujay?” asked the Inspector.

“Sir, I am 12 year old.”

“What is your plan Sujay?” Inspector asked with a curiosity.

“All of us will move outside for some time keeping the main door open. One constable in civil dress has to watch the thief from a hiding place. The thief would enter through the main door and bolt himself inside. Immediately, the constable has to lock the door outside. Then the thief can be arrested.”

The Inspector was impressed to hear such a clever plan from a small boy. Without asking any further questions, he gave him approval to go ahead.

Everything went on as per the plan and the thief was arrested. Sujay at this young age is a highly disciplined boy.

The police inspector personally came to his house and appreciated Sujay for the great work in the presence of his parents. Sujay felt he was on the top of the world!!!


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Jan 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Be vigilant always to avert unwarranted mishaps. Many just show
negligence knowing the things to happen in case of their carelessness.
Casual approach, permissivness welcomes the culprits with open
invitation to attract persons to enter into misdemours. I person
vigilant saves not only himself but many others and the one ignoring
this virtue pays penalty in the form of loosing presuse things
including some times honour & respect and also dignity. Here the boy
sujit shows the example to all elders when they are busy in their own
affairs. I am sure Vaman is always a vigilant man.


Jan 27, 2011
The Lilliput Sherlock Holmes
by: Anonymous

Bravo! Sujay, well done to plan a trap for the thief.

Boys like Sujay will be the future " Sherlock Holmes " keep it up.

My good wishes to Brother Vamanachar Atmakur,the Author, for a well developed story, from a simple event.

May God inspire you to bring out many more good, small but simple and inspiring stories. Congrats!

with kind regards,


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