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Small Town Adventures

by Safia.A.Rehman

Aliya looked outside the window. The Train started moving away from Tirur Railway station, and soon it was moving at brisk speed, passing the paddy fields, huts, water bodies, houses.

A breeze blew in through the open windows.
“Ah! Finally!” Aliya sighed.
In front of her sat Shenaz, Aliya’s cousin and best friend.
It has been days since I have been waiting, to get out of Tirur!” Aliya said.
Shenaz gave a sympathetic smile.
‘Life is so boring shenaz! When will anyone realize this!
Dad sent me here saying studies can be continued later, but first I must learn to be a good home maker like his Mother.
Well, it has been a year, and I have learnt all that I can and I am just so bored of it! Granma herself has lost her patience with me and doesn’t ask me to do the chores now anyways.
How long more must I get trained I wonder!
Grand Mother is kind enough to do her best to keep me entertained. She got the dish antenna for me, lets me come and stay at your place, and allows these Monthly visits to Calicut too.
But still!” Aliya sulked.

Shenaz used to such outburst by Aliya, changed the topic.
‘Cheer up Aliya,So tell me, what all you want to do in Calicut, beside the Archie Gallery visit and lunch at the café.”?
‘Mallika said a new library has started, so we will go and have a look.”
I also want to go to the old one, and take some books”
‘Ok,’Shenaz smiled.
They both then became quite and continued looking outside the window.
The Train stopped at a station.
Aliya looked outside, it was the Kalunadi station.
Soon, they will pass Chaliyam, Beypore, and then Calicut.

Just then something strikes Aliya and she asks Shenaz.
‘Have you been to Beypore beach Shenaz?”
‘Yes, school had taken us for picnic there” Shenaz replied.
So how was it?” Aliya asked.
‘Oh, it is a lovely, clean beach, and not too crowded also”
‘Really! Sounds Great, How about we get down at Beypore and go spend some time at the beach there. And take the next train to Calicut from there.!
It will be fun, not only will we see the beach but also a new town! “Aliya said excitedly.
“No way, Shenaz.Let us not dare. If we are see by any one, and your Grandmother hears about it, we won’t be able to come to Calicut again!
‘As it is she was so against us taking this trip by ourselves when she learnt My Father won’t be able to come.
Don’t forget how much convincing you had to do!”Shenaz reminded.
‘Yes that I had to do by sulking and creating a tantrum!”Shenaz smiled.
“I told her your father won’t be going to Calicut anytime now, and I really needed to go to Calicut to buy some books!”
“She finally gave in, saying, she will ask Haris Uncle to drop us to the ladies compartment and she also called Aunt in Calicut to see to that someone comes up and picks us up at the Railway station.”
Aliya laughed.
‘Let us go Shenaz, please!It will be fun!”
‘We will call our Aunt in Calicut, from the booth and say the trains delayed by an hr and we have got down to buy some refreshments” Aliya said
‘Great idea isn’t it?”Aliya shouted aloud.
Shenaz smiled. She was a quiet and less expressive girl but inside her she was full of life and equally excited.

“Yes!”Aliya jumped with joy.
Aliya thought of the last time they did such a dare devil act.

That was almost a year back.
She called it the Manisha koirala Adventure.
Shenaz had called her up one day saying, ‘Aliya !I heard the Producer A.R Rehman is in town to shoot his new Film Bombay!”
‘And I heard he will be shooting here at the harbor! Shenaz said.
‘What! Near your house! That’s great! We will get to see Manisha koirala!” Aliya screamed in delight.
Aliya was speaking about the leading lady of the Movie.

Aliya jumped with joy, holding the phone in her hand.
‘Ok, I wil tell Granma that this weekend, you have some guests
at home, so I am visiting you tomorrow!”
Aliya said and kept the Phone.
Next day at Shenaz’s home, they said they are going for the evening walk at the beach which they usually do.
But this time, their walk would be a bit longer, right up to the harbor which they did not mention.
Soon they reached the site, they got excited seeing the crowd, knowing just behind the crowd the Movie is being shot.
“I can’t wait till I see the shooting being held.”Aliya thought to herself.
But as soon as they reached the place they realized it was over crowded, so they retreated back.
“We have to wait till they disperse", Shanaz said.
"Oh God!hope we get to see something!”Aliya prayed.

In some time, the crowd dispersed and they could see the crew packing up.
‘Oh no! They must be leaving!”‘How will we see her?” Aliya cried loud.
‘Wait Aliya ,look there! I think that’s Manisha Koirala and she is going up that house”
‘Oh yes it’s her!”
Aliya started jumping.
‘Let’s go”-She said.
And they both walked up to the house.
When they reached the house,
Shenaz said ‘Let us wait here”

No let us go inside the house”Aliya said.
‘ Aliya,in all probability the house owners would be related to us in some way, and we don’t want the news going that Granddaughter of one of most devout woman in Tirur went to see a Film shoot!” Shenaz said.

Aliya knew Shenaz was saying the truth.
Aliya, -‘Devout she is, but she is also bit lenient especially towards me”Shenaz Laughed.
”It is Alright Shenaz let us go. We are not doing anything wrong!”Aliya pleaded.
Just then, they saw a Lady step out of the house.
‘Who is it there?” She asked on seeing them.
They walked up to her and Aliya said bravely,
‘We have come to see Mansiha koirala”
The lady smiled and said,
‘Come inside”

Thrilled, they happily followed her
It was a Traditional palatial house.
She led them to the Ladies sitting room and said
‘Be seated, she has gone to the wash room, will just come now “
She looked at the two girls and said.
‘The Movie people came and asked my son whether the actress can take rest here in between shots”
‘He obliged. My Grand children are excited about meeting her too. They will be coming from school now”.

The Girls felt relived hearing the lady talk.
Sit down,I will get you something to drink.’
‘That is alright’ both the Girls chorused.
Can I make a phone call,”Aliya asked.
Yes, the phone is there.’ The Lady pointed out.
As soon as the lady left, Aliya said.
‘Shenaz quick! Let us call Shazia, and tell her we will be seeing Manisha now!”
They both rang Shazia their common friend, Aliya spoke first giving her the excited news and then handed it over to Shenaz, who gave her the details.

Just then the Actress walked in passing by them and entered the adjacent room.
“There she is she is right in front of us’ Shenaz relayed live to her friend.
The Rest as they say is history.
They got to spend few excited Minutes with the leading lady.
They left, thanking the house lady profusely.
They ran up their house, laughing and giggling at their adventure.

No one got to hear about their adventure, but they couldn’t keep it to themselves, sharing it will all.
‘Don’t do that again’ they were warned.
‘But wow, that was so much of fun!”They both said.
Aliya smiled to glory thinking about that time.

Now it’s time for another dare devil act,Aliya thought.
Just then the train halted.
‘Yeah, we have reached’Aliya jumped with joy.
They got down excitedly, and walked towards the Railway station gate.
They looked around.It was a new town and new place for them.

They thought they could see some men, eyeing them sternly.
Let’s not look here and there’Shenaz suggested.
‘Lets us go quick” She said.
They took an Auto rickshaw.
Soon they reached the Beypore Beach.Aliya was thrilled to see the Clean and spacious beach.
They got out, paid the Auto rickshaw Man, and ran towards the beach.
‘Aaaaahhhhhh”Aliya screamed, raising her hands.

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Apr 11, 2016
Thank you.
by: Safia

Thanks Softcrafts for your feedback.

Mar 26, 2014
Nice Theme
by: sofcrafts

Nice theme.
But I found the style so typically Indian: stilted flow. Much like stubbing your toe often on a nice forest path against hidden roots. You must try to make the flow smoother. One phrase, sentence, idea leading on to another like syrup.

They say practice makes perfect. Hope to see some more pieces from you.


Jun 10, 2013
by: safia

Thanks yasmin.Your comment made my day!

Jun 09, 2013
by: Yasmin

i never knew u wrote stories...anyway t ws a beautiful one..
bt it shudnt hv ended der..i ws expecting sum adventure at da beach too.. :)
anyway..keep writing...
all da best..

Oct 06, 2012
Thank you !
by: Safia

Thanks Nasreen!Happy you liked it.:)

Oct 05, 2012
short,sweet n simple
by: nazreen

wow.. i didnt know you are such a good writer.. keep up safyamami :) liked your way of writing.The story comprises of simple situations that any one (especially a girl from a malabar muslim family) can relate; to.. :) i could see some shades of you in aliya :) expecting more.

Sep 27, 2012
Thank you so much!
by: Safia

Thank you so much!!Thrilled to read your comment!

May 31, 2012
Went back to our childhood
by: Rajani

It's a beautiful story. I could see u in so many parts. Remember those childhood days when we couldn't do anything. Wow beautiful safi. U are so nice. U carry the readers with ur story . I could imagine every bit of it. Good job. Keep writing more..

Mar 05, 2012
Thank you!
by: Safia

Thanks Kamini!:)

Mar 04, 2012
by: kaminirupani

Really Beautiful story :-)Want to know more whats happening in their lives...Keep Writing..You are really Good..

Feb 07, 2012
Thank you !
by: Safia

Thank you geeta shree!:)

Feb 07, 2012
Daring adventure
by: Geetashree Chatterjee

I think there's an age for such adventures. When you feel like doing things without the knowledge of your family members.

Nice, entertaining story.

Feb 05, 2012
Thank you !
by: Safia.

Thanks Saira:)

Feb 05, 2012
Thank you !
by: Safia

Thanks Sahdia!:)

Feb 05, 2012
by: saira

awesome read!

Feb 05, 2012
Makes me want to do something fun too. :-)
by: Sahdia Khalid

I enjoyed reading this story. It makes me want to do something fun too, take my children on a trip somewhere again. We haven't done that since winter began!

The atmosphere of your story is catchy. It's interesting to get to know the background and the way these girls live through their conversation and thoughts. I recognise many do's and don't's. :-)

I'm curious to find out more about their lives and how this adventure will end. Thanks for sharing!

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