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by Shanmugapriya Loganathan

It was dark in the night at 8pm. With their baby, Jeevan and Jeethu were walking along the streets of Tuna mina in Malaysia. Both the sides of the streets were full of night shops. People were busily preparing food, selling shoes and dress materials. Group of youngsters were chatting, seem to be a funny chat as it could be guessed by their smiling face, clapping hands and gestures. Children were picking up toys while their parents were purchasing accessories. Jeevan had his dinner by observing the circumstances. Meanwhile Jeethu was feeding her baby and discussed about the new atmosphere.

Jeethu reminded Jeevan as it was getting late to go back. Jeevan finished his dinner and walked few steps to take his car. The car didn’t get started. Jeevan tried his level best to solve but it wasn’t useful. With the help of a shop keeper, they called a car service man and identified there was a suspension problem and it could be resolved on next day morning only. Jeevan and Jeethu decided to leave the car at his service center. They went to the bus depot and they found that the bus service was closed by 8pm on weekends. They were shocked. They thought they could take a taxi or local bus to Johor Bahru where the bus services to Singapore would available 24/7. They waited in a bus stop for quite a longtime but didn’t see any bus or taxi. They started to walk further with the confusion and were discussing about other possibilities.

The dark clouds were moving. The cold breeze touched their body gently. The baby’s
hair fell on her face with the curl touching her cheeks. It seem like it was going to rain. The road was also with not much vehicles. Even they could feel the silence.

There came a car, stopped near by the couples and asked what were Jeevan and Jeethu doing there. Jeevan told them the unexpected incident. The family in the car felt sad about them and had a soft corner over the baby. Hence they asked Jeevan and his family to board the car and they would drop them at Johor. Jeevan accepted their help and reached Johor safely. Jeevan and Jeethu thanked them. From Johor, Jeevan took a bus to Singapore and they reached their home.

The baby became little cranky as it was too late. So Jeethu made her baby to sleep. While lying down on the bed, Jeevan thought about the family in the car, how they helped Jeevan’s family. In spite of their schedule and other works, they dropped Jeevan’s family at Johor. Neither of them knew each other before. How selfless they were. The family inspired Jeevan too. The spirit of altruism which made Jeevan wanted to be of service in helping other fellows in need.

Jeethu interrupted Jeevan and said that the world is comprised of good people too. It wasn’t that bad like how few people used to say, people would cheat, own survival is important, don’t care for others etc. Jeethu added that the faith in others which would be the foundation of society that would make the world as a wonderful place to live in.

Then they both slept nicely.


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