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by Hassan Hayati

It is around 4.00 and the guests will arrive in a couple of hours.

Will I see her again?
Would I be able to display my feelings towards her?
Does she find out how I like to be with her?
I repeated all these questions in my busy mind, and trying to find different ways to prove my abilities.

Mina was the second daughter of the family. She had had some suitors who had tried their chance to ask her from the family but they had not been successful yet. Maybe this had been the God’s willing and also her elder sister we believe that the first girl must go first. I always thought first I should attract her to myself and this way I have passed the half of the way. I was thinking and reviewing all these subjects in my mind, when I saw my elder brother Ali who was a soldier arrived. He was not supposed to be home tonight who had let him come home he should have been staying in army who had told him about the dinner party? I was almost sure that he would be the center of attention for his sense of humor and being more handsome and other features he had. The only point of which I was proud was that I was a university student.

Finally the guests arrived she was more beautiful than ever she was shining as a star does in the dark sky. Everyone was having a good time elders were having their own subjects and talking about war, inflation,… and younger people were trying to have a more pleasant atmosphere.

Exactly when I was thinking of how I could attract the attention of my beloved girl, I found Ali passed a written message to her and in minutes she passed one to Ali.

Later that night I asked Ali and he told me that they were in love and he also said that he had joined the army to finish his military service to be able to marry the girl.

The entire world I had made was destroyed.
My confusion lasted for weeks and I really didn’t know how to get along with. Finally I accepted the truth since Mina also loved Ali and after all Ali was my dearest brother.

After a few months and after her sister was engaged with a young gentleman Mina’s family accepted my brother and their engaging party was set. Of course for me also the case was closed. I loved my brother I am sure he didn’t know anything about my desire. They were really happy ad drawing a shiny future for themselves.

The only worrying matter was that Ali was sent to the front lines of war by army and it was a very hard condition for the country.

The most shocking day of my life finally arrived. One of those spring days that I was getting ready for the next class at the university and preparing my notes the teacher entered the class and before doing anything called me and said let’s have a manly talk, I thought there must be something wrong. He said, "your brother has been injured in the army and he is
in a hospital I would give you a ride there." During our trip to the hospital he tried to tell some points about life and death and the importance of being killed for your country, the way he talked I found Ali has been killed in that god damn war.

Oh my God Ali, Mina, Parents,…
Those days were awful. My parents cried all time, mother in public, but father in hide,…
Mother was almost dead. Ali has been turned to hero and he really was.

And Mina the world was finished to her. Both families were totally separated and the relations were almost cut after 6 dreadful months and none could do anything. One reason was that they were only engaged and my family thought this way she can find another suitable person for her life.
Sometimes I had a sort of feeling against Mina I don’t know love or rue.

Finally my university was finished and after two years I was exempted from military service because Ali was killed in the war. one day when I went to Ali’s grave I saw Mina with a red rose on the grave of my brother. It was a good time to have some talking, she told me that she is still single and can’t accept anyone after Ali, she also said she was going to start studying sometimes but her mind doesn’t let.

That night I told the story to my mom, she cried a lot again and I also saw tears dropping from my father’s eyes.

My father thought a lot and asked me “Do you want to help this girl and both families?”
“I would be glad to.” I said
“I would like you to be in your brother’s place.” He said.
“And marry Mina”
This was a very shocking decision.
“What are you talking about dad?” I asked astonishingly.
He continued: "You know boy Mina has lost everything because of your brother, she has also rejected some Suitors during these years for the sake of her love towards our son and our family."
He also said: "If her parents accept and also if you would help to solve this problem I am sure Ali would be happy too."

Oh my God why didn’t I want this? The girl I was always thinking of was not the one I wanted this time. Maybe for the love she had towards Ali, and maybe I didn’t want to see Ali’s tears.

The parents made the related talks and we also talked the matter. She asked me if I am not eager in marrying her, I am not forced to this marriage. I don’t know how it came the day I married Mina. You don’t know how much anxious we both were.

Our wedding party was not magnificent and neither had we invited many guests.

It is passed twenty one years and I never told Mina about my childish love which was my first and last true love before she and Ali were engaged.

Our only son Ali is going to have his military service this week. I thank God there is no war in the country for the moment.

And hope that no place in the world would face war.

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Jun 29, 2016
by: hassan.hayati

I would like to thank all readers

Jun 24, 2016
the comment to the story "Soldier"
by: Tatiana

I had liked this story very much. At everyone who will read it, some own strings will respond in heart. It is story not only about a terrible grief which war is. It is still the story about the difficult moral choice which in this or that look rises in life before each person. Thanks to the Author who immersing the reader in spiritual and life collisions of heroes of the story, gives him (the reader) the chance to hear a sincere voice him own soul.

Jun 23, 2016
Touching story
by: Manohar Naidu

War destroys many dreams of life. "I love you too" written by me in Nov 2015 in IWW express similar expression in different way.

Jun 23, 2016
sensitive story
by: Pascal Georges

very nice story of love and humbleness.
It shows love can't die and survives a war too...

Jun 23, 2016
commet for " soldier"
by: Ayoubi. Mohammad

the story was very nice and attractive.

Jun 23, 2016
war and peace


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