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by Meera Kalathingal
(Malappuram, India)

Many a times I feared
That to be in solitary
Is to feel more like hell,
Is as solemn as death,
And as black as evil.
Mind in solitude turns
Topsy-turvy with thoughts
Gushing like waterfalls
And disturbs its calmness.
Pangs of the past,
Pressures of the future
Pulls us away from the 'present'
Bringing fears in life....
So.... I loved to be in company
To chit chat and hang out
And to have fun, love and adventure..

But this won't last long...
People around you change,
And again you are alone
Again it will change oneself
As we ripe, we taste the reality.
Reality of being alone...
To be born alone..
To bid this life alone..
And to live alone,
Even in the midst of a crowd

Sages Perceived this long before
They shut themselves off
seeking their selves in the
lonely Himalayas...

I tell you,
No need to tread so far..
Being you, and within yourself,
lies the hidden power of the universe.
Once we rise up to our true spirits,
Enjoys the most ecstatic state..

A wise man is happy and alone
As he drank the essence of essence
And with him is the eternal presence..
For him, being in solitude is much more...
For he is in eternal bliss,
The abode of true wisdom...


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May 14, 2019
by: Your Name:Dhanya


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