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Some things never end

by Ojaswi Thakur
(Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India)

Still remember
the first time we met
The sun was
just about to set
Together we made
the perfect duet
Better than even
Romeo and Juliet ♥

Those days shone bright
When you were by my side
Countless fights
And those sleepless nights
All those memories which
always made our day
Will stay in my heart
And never fade away♥

We both did change
and things didn't remain the same
And this was made
End of the game
Neither you were wrong
Nor it was my mistake
God had written the destiny
And we had to separate ♥

Those days with you
Went so fast
Couldn't catch the time
When I wanted it to last
Always took you for granted
and thought you were only mine
Can you come back once?
This one last time ....❤


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