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Sometimes It Happens ....contd

by Uddipta Dutta
(Jorhat, India)

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Part Three: Paper sheet

After the weekend, we rode the metro again at 10 AM. There was no Monday blue effect on my face. Instead, I was feeling a thrill of excitement inside me because of her. Her thoughts had been occupying my mind for the last three days. She would be in my office. In a day I could see her whenever I want to. In a light-hearted feeling, I completed one regular tedious journey to the office along with Anuj. When we reached the office, I was surprised to see her in the office already. I looked at her. She was wearing a lemon colour Kurti and a white palazzo. Her hair was neatly tied in a side french braid. Her look reminded me of freshly blooming daisies. I waved to her gesturing hello. In return, she waved back with a delightful smile. While I set my things on my desk I quickly peered at where her sitting area was. I noticed she was sitting in the third cubicle left to mine. Anuj went to Shurvi's cabin as she called him for a discussion. In the meantime, I opened my desktop and ran the software, mumbling a song. Maybe fifteen to twenty minutes passed, and I heard footsteps approaching towards me. I saw Anuj coming from the HR's cabin and stood near my desk. I looked
at Anuj. He kept one paper sheet on my desk with a glazed look in his eyes.

Anuj said," Dude, I need to update our employee database today."

I asked hurriedly," What about your appraisal buddy?."

Anuj replied quickly, " Saurabh, I will tell you later, but read this."

In the meantime, the office pion came looking for Anuj as the chief operating officer called him. Therefore, he walked off while keeping the paper on my desk.

I did not understand the reason for the flickering of sudden melancholic expression on his face. I knew Anuj was passing from a crucial period as he had been waiting for his performance appraisal. Whatever, I took the paper sheet. There were thirty names on that paper. Names of both the permanent and temporary employees of our organization. My eyes were scrolling through that paper. In the end, it got what it was searching for. I read that once again. In the meantime, she came from Shurvi's cabin and approached her table. As she crossed my table my gaze caught her glimpse. And one sweet, vivacious smile curved in her lips. I smiled at her too. Her smile was like that first smile I saw in the metro, sweet and lively and mine was dull and forceful. I again looked at the sheet of paper. It was clearly written, Mrs. Arpita D'silva, age 26, Mumbai.


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