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Song of Divine

by Bhavya Vimal
( Kochi, Kerala,India)

A religious poem for all age

A religious poem for all age

The door swung open
with a babble of bells.
There stood thee with
Silk woven.
With a pleasure of all its smile,
Pours out like a stream of holy water,
Meandering through me heart.

We sang aloud,
Greeting the goddess of heart.
Around her the humongous flowers of
Marigold lily and holy flowers gleam
which reflects the natural
And complete life of religious-truth
She had in her.

Holy water she never baths,
But makes us rejoice
As it sprinkles down our body,
Washing away the bad weeds
That grows in our soul.

Holy clouds she baths with,
The clouds of the divine lantern
Around her.
As the song slopes……
Draining into the goddesses’ heart…
The door closes;
With a great magical power behind
-remarking a beautiful end of
a musical life.

Thank you

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