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Song of Mad Cap

by Parimala Rao
(Boston, USA)

I am the empress of all I survey
I care a hang for the worldly sway
I wrap myself in smiling dress
I wear not the weight and stress
Unknown fingers play my heart strings
Reverberating inner silence sings
I immerse in multi tunes
Playing life strings in rhythm and rhymes
I swallow the super flames of love
I gobble, grunt in friendship wines
Why my life’s boat a semi circle in vain
I swear and bear in heart felt pain
Thousand rainbows build my ship
The lamp post burns and bursts at cross roads
In sadness, madness and I walk under bowers
A light house shining with a guiding star
I glide over the worldly ocean far
The youthful contentment sways in breeze
I sing heart felt songs of my own
I build million worlds in my mind
The real world is elsewhere,I am left behind
Smiles on my lips curled up sit
With reminiscences abounding in fun and pun
I revolve singing round the sun
Great men and minds tried for treaty
Neither achieved the truth nor beauty
Melting, flowing secrets of my heart
In frozen ice i dance with a beat
My wild cry weaving winters song
In sighs I measure meters long
To the world I am a poet, a guy,a chap
To myself I am a fool singing songs of a mad cap!.


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Jun 08, 2013
Thank you Malini Dear.
by: ParimalaRao(amma)

I am happy my poetry roused so many of your feelings and made you dance.Thank U dear!

Jun 06, 2013
Couldn't help dancing to the song of the mad cap!
by: Malini

Your poem took me to so many real and imagined places and feelings and the appropriately bumpy ride and sudden shifts in thoughts accentuates the madness of the mind. We are all mad caps but a poet like you can sing about it and we can't help but dance :) Great work!

Jun 05, 2013
by: G.R.Parimala Rao

Thank you for your appreciation. I feel too humble to accept your high praise for my poetry.

Jun 01, 2013
by: nuggehallipankaja

Very well written poem! Parimala seems to have a born gift as poet! The title is catching !

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