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Sorrow and Hope

by Shree
(Dallas, texas, USA)

My sorrow has submerged me in pain,
I feel lonely and I am left in the rain,

I am drenched with agony,

Which will not go away

Life has been difficult

In its own way,
Do not know how to reflect

The gloom in the doorway.

I know the sun will glow,

And winds of hope will blow,

The birds will sing,

And the happy bells will ring.

Sorrow is in my mind,

I have put myself in the grind,

I need to wake up,

And ensure that my heart is cheered up.

We can be drowned in melancholy
If we choose to be,

We can be bathed in glee
If we want to be.

I decided to overcome my sorrow

And look forward to a better tomorrow,

Life is full of hope for sure

Where all issues have a cure.


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