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by Puja Karki
(Pune, India)

You saw me..
The first eye contact
Did the act..
You were hilarious,
I was notorious..
Good you asked me out
and I said yes without a second doubt..
A lot happened over coffee
You let me know you and I let you know me..
more we met
more closer we get..
each moment spent was a dream come true
This was your effect which was so new..
I danced, I drank, I laughed like never before..
Is this what I wanted in my deepest core??
This is it..
It's a whole new me..
which is explored by you, you see..
no worries, no sorrows..
just you and me and no tomorrows..
You got me to cloud 9,
and made me believe it's all mine..
But is it??
How long we will remain like this I don't know,
like a wind will u just pass and blow ??
I listen to music and get drench in rain
I go to top of the hill and release my pain..
I wish I could stop the time..
and be in my happy bubble for a lifetime..
I don't want to let go..
But do I have a choice?
I don't think so..
Well..I have to do something..
coz I know it's not just a fling..
Therefore, let me seal a deal

My dear,
If you will be my smile, I'll be your happiness..
If you will be my silence, I will be your words,
You will be my trip, I will be your adventure,
You will be my moment, I will make it worth..
Will you marry me in my next Birth..???


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