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by Anjana Negi

Oh dear little thing where are you,
for I cannot see you any longer,
I miss the sweetness of your chirpy little voice,
and your flying around all over my house,
You had entered as an uninvited guest
and had made your sweet little nest,
quite high above my favourite cupboard.
You used to peep at me from there,
as though you were teasing me from above,
making me feel jealous of your heavenly abode!
I loved that innocent look you gave me,
when I tried to chase you away from my house.
I never felt lonely when you were there,
always chirping around here and there.
Of course, you sometimes irritated me a lot though,
especially, when I had to switch off my fan,
and sit in the hot summer of May,
lest you don't get hurt and die in my house,
But my friend, I still loved you and adored you yet,
as you were a part of my family and also my tiny little guest!
May be you have left this city forever along with your folks,
as it is not worth living here anymore.
With high pollution, huge buildings and big mobile towers,
which are the gifts of modern age to humans!
But I know you are a simple little bird,
who just wants to find a stable dwelling and some food.
What has this modern era to give you, except pain!
So you have gone far away to some small village perhaps,
where you can once again live with peace,
and find a friend like me to take care of you!
But I will always miss you forever dear friend
and may never ever find one like you again.
so very tiny and fragile little thing,
just like an angel sent by God himself!


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Jan 01, 2017
by: hassan.hayati

Thank you for awaking and showing our Inattention to this nice creatures , I have not seen Sparrows recently.

Dec 31, 2016
by: Anjana

Thanks for your such encouraging and gracious comments for my poem sparrow.once again thanks!

Dec 16, 2016
Chirpy Little Thing
by: Subhash Chandra

A tender, nostalgic poem. It syncs with my experience in Delhi. No sprightly sparrows to be seen. Wonder where they have gone and what has happened to them.

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