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Stay Home Stay Safe Stay Active

by Poojary Sushmita Shiva
(Udupi, India)

Everyone says stay home stay safe during this lockdown period. But I am going to share some ideas which will also make you stay active. Its better to follow these ideas in order to keep ourselves healthy and fit.

1. COOK YOURSELF : We always find the taste of our own cooked food better than anyone else. So its always better to cook ourselves and enjoy that feel.

2. LEARN NEW THINGS : Try to learn things in which you are interested in. Learn those things which someway or other helps you or motivates you in your life.

3. MEDITATION AND YOGA : Meditation and yoga keeps you healthy and relaxed. It always keeps your mind refreshed to do new things.

4. WATCH INSPIRATIONAL VIDEOS : Try to watch some of the inspirational videos of great leaders and successful persons even after great failure in their life.

5. FAMILY TIME : Give some time to your family keeping all your electronic gadgets aside. Spend time with the family. Play with children and for sure you will find best time in it.

6. GOOD SLEEP : Early to bed and early to raise must be the main thing you need to follow during this period as sleep also contributes in building your immunity.

7. CLEAN YOUR HOME : Always keep your home and surroundings neat and clean because this will also effect your internal mind. Healthy environment is always needed.

8. STAY CONNECTED : With our busy schedule we had lost connection with many of our family and friends. We have enough time now so use this time to call and have conversation will those family and friends.

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